Sightseeing in Mongkok – Places to experience in Mongkok

You may find it odd that there is someone out there who would like to sightsee the busy, overcrowded city of Mong Kok! All you have to do is try it out yourself and you’ll know why. Here are a few things that may tickle your curiosity for the city of Mongkok.

Places for your taste buds

First of all, let’s satisfy your curiosity for food in Mongkok. You might just have to squeeze in through the crowds and make your way to Sour and Spicy Noodles. This restaurant serves up some of the most delectable Chinese noodles in the city.

Clothing and sneakers

Shopping | Image Credit - Aidenaseakongkai, HK Mongkok 旺角中心 Argyle Centre night mall shops, CC BY-SA 3.0 Via Wikimedia Commons

Shopping | Image Credit – Aidenaseakongkai, HK Mongkok 旺角中心 Argyle Centre night mall shops, CC BY-SA 3.0 Via Wikimedia Commons

Once you are all filled up, you have the energy to head over to Trendy Zone! This is the ideal place to find your perfect fit for the best price, be it ladies or gents. Also, pick from a wide range of colourful sneakers that are attractively displayed here.

A place for the tech savvy

If you are the kind who loves everything digital and techy, the place to be is Sim City. This is the ultimate tech paradise where you will find one of the largest arrays if headsets and even second-hand cameras.

Tea time

Rather than your normal high tea at one of the Mongkok hotels such as the leading Dorsett Mongkok, why not try it elsewhere? Head over to Teawood Taiwanese Café & Restaurant and try out toast with ice cream with a steaming cup of tea or coffee!

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Place of Many Blessings – Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

The Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery built into a bamboo forested hillside overlooking Tin Sha on Po Fook Hill in the New Territories is a temple like no other. Founded in 1949 by Rev Yuet Kai the main temple was completed in the 1950s but installing the more than 10,000 Buddha and other statues took another ten years. To add to its difference from conventional temples no priests live here and it is managed by laypersons. Another interesting aspect is the body of the founder Rev Yuet Kai who died in the 1960s form part of the statues on display. Embalmed according to Chinese methods it has been painted in gold leaf, dressed in robes and is on display in a glass case at the entrance seated in the lotus position.

The journey up 431 steps to monastery complex is in itself an adventure. The path is lined with golden Buddha statues each with different facial expressions and in different poses. The journey is sometimes enlivened by the appearance of monkeys. The complex spread out in 8 ha is at two different levels and comprises of a nine storey pagoda, the Naga Puspa Hall, three pavilions and a tower on the lower terrace and four halls on the upper level. To say that there is a surfeit of statuary will not be an understatement. There are statues everywhere most painted in gold. Twelve thousand eight hundred tiny gilded ceramic Buddha statues are in niches in conical structures on the lower terrace in the inner sanctum flanking the statues of Samantha Bandara, Avalokitesvara and Manjusri that are the main deities. There are even gilded statues of the seated Buddha in each one of the niches in the nine storey pagoda. The pagoda was made famous by being features in Hong Kong’s 100 dollar bank note. Among the other interesting features is a large stone relief of writhing Chinese dragons, 18 life size statues of Buddha’s most important disciples, statues of the white elephant from Pu Xian and the lion of Wen Shu and large seated and standing statues of various deities. Small gardens and a goldfish pond are also found on the premises. Some of the best panoramic views of Sha Tin are from the grounds of the temple.

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