Contemporary Art in Manila – Food for the Soul

Did you know that the Philippines had an extensive contemporary art scene going on? Well, it does, and you’ll find it in the heart of the country, i.e in Manilla, Vietnam’s capital. So, the next time you are staying at one of the many hotels or service apartments in Manila such as the Ascott Bonifacio Global City Manila or any other, take some time from your work or holiday schedule to check out the budding contemporary art scene in Manila.

To do this you can head to locales like Quezon City, Malate or Makati which are abuzz with artistic activity. If you keep an eye out, you’ll begin to see art everywhere. For example, street style art work, a.k.a graffiti, can be spotted on jeepneys as they drive around the city. What are jeepneys you ask? They are for starters, one of the most commonly used means of getting around the Philippines. This mode of public transport traces its roots back to jeeps left over by US forces during the end of the Second World War. The jeeps disposed of by the army were taken and refurbished by the locals who made various amendments and additions to it such as metal roofs and colourful ornaments. The artwork painted onto jeepneys is known as Kitsch art; Kitsch being a borrowed German word which loosely translates into ‘cheesiness’.

You’ll also find more formal artwork in establishments such as Ayala Museum which showcases a range of historical and contemporary artwork. You can also visit the industrial buildings near Makati’s outer city limits which are home to outfits such as Silverlens Galleries. This last one has on display a range of artistic photography works as well as other contemporary art.

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The Ayala Museum – A Remarkable Cultural Treasure Trove

The fascinating Ayala Museum should be on the itinerary of all visitors exploring Metro Manila. This engrossing museum contains many captivating exhibits that reflect the rich cultural legacy of the Philippines. As you experience the attractions of the city a discerning choice in accommodation would be the Somerset Millennium Makati which offers well-reputed quality Manila service apartments. This appealing establishment offers well-appointed accommodations and attentive service to assure a satisfying stay.
Amidst the hectic mode of life in the city the Ayala Museum is a great place to relax and also admire an extensive collection of displays that document the artistic and historical legacy of the nation. Here you will encounter many outstanding works of modern art as well as a host of intriguing artefacts that detail the historical evolution of the Philippines.

You will see that this museum boasts a remarkable collection of artefacts that provide insights into the culture of the people of the Philippines. Visitors will find exhibits devoted to various periods in history such as the artworks dating from the country’s pre-colonial era. Displays such as these depict the talent of the Filipinos and their skilled craftsmanship.
Another fascinating collection documents the ceramics that were produced in the region and the complex trade relationships that existed among the Asian nations of the region over the course of time. Not to be missed are the esteemed textile creations of the nation which reflect the artistry and workmanship of the Filipino textile artisans.

Another splendid exhibition visually narrates the history of the nation through a series of captivating dioramas. These meticulously crafted dioramas provide an engrossing insight into the significant events that shaped the history of the nation of the Philippines. This museum also regularly hosts many interesting programmes in fields such as contemporary art, history and music and design. These programmes feature elements such as lectures, temporary exhibitions, talks by curators/ artists, performances and workshops. The Ayala Museum is always a fascinating establishment to visit offering many diverse attractions for the visitor.

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Observe A Slice Of War History In Manila – Visit the Manila American Cemetery and Memorial.

The Indonesian capital is known as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’. Having faced many harsh circumstances the city has ended up a thing of beauty. In January 2016 alone, over half a million tourist arrivals were recorded in Manila. Serviced apartments, shopping malls, art galleries and other standout features show strong focus on promoting tourism. It is one of the best capital cities for sightseeing and culture in all of Southeast Asia. Manila’s Makati Urban Center is the financial center of the country as well as one of the key commercial hubs in Asia. Business travellers to Manila will find Citadines Salcedo Makati a convenient choice for accommodation, as it is located within the Makati Central Business District itself.

The Manila American Cemetery and Memorial in the Philippines is located close to the suburb of Fort Bonifacio Global Center, Taguig, Metro Manila. The graveyard sits within the boundaries of what was once Fort William McKinley, which was established during the Philippine–American War in 1901. It takes up a vast area that spans one hundred and fifty two acres of a plateau. The site is visible from afar from three sides. A white chapel, adorned with statues and mosaics, stands near the middle.

The Manila American Cemetery holds a total of seventeen thousand two hundred and one graves, the most number of American military graves from World War Two. Many of those who lost their lives in battles in New Guinea and the Philippines are buried here. On a terrace, in front of the cemetery you will find two large semicircular structures with murals which depict the victories of the American military in the Pacific, China, India and Burma. Limestone columns inside the structures display the names of thirty six thousand two hundred and eighty five missing military personnel.

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