History of Ayurveda in Sri Lanka – The Story behind the Legendary Medicinal Philosophy

Ayurveda is presently taking the world by storm, and might even regain the recognition it had thousands of years ago when it was widespread throughout Asia and was believed to have divine origins.


Physician Kings

According to prominent historical texts, the kings that existed in the old days, such as King Buddhadasa who reigned during the 4th century were prominent physicians in addition to being rulers.

Divine Origins

According to legend, Dhawantari, the Hindu physician of the Gods, came to Earth as a human and became the King of Varanasi, modern-day Benares. During his time as king, he taught the art of Ayurvedic medicine to a group of physicians.

If you cannot be a King, Be a Healer

During the ancient times, Ayurvedic physicians were appointed noble positions due to their popularity with royalty and were considered elite within the social hierarchy of civilizations of the era. This led to the popularity saying “if you cannot be a king, be a healer”.

Ayurveda Today

Modern medical scholars are constantly amazed at the astounding medical knowledge possessed within Ayurvedic texts and how effective these techniques are. Wellness in Sri Lanka is a very popular vacation concept now, and many travel entities such as Aitken Spence Travels provide packages for people seeking Ayurvedic holidays.

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