Leisure Travel Phuket- Ultimate Relaxation

Phuket, the biggest island in Thailand is a ‘must visit’ dream destination on the list of every visitor to the country. Located in the southernmost part, it boasts stunning landscapes tree fringed beaches and a range of resorts and hotels to suit every budget. Its year round warm weather and calm blue oceans attracts a stupendous number of leisure travelers looking for fun, relaxation, excitement and that unforgettable tropical experience.

Travel into the central highlands to experience fantastic panoramic views of the surroundings, take a once in a lifetime ride on an elephant through the island’s forests and to get to know these iconic beasts or go snorkeling to explore the underwater world and get acquainted with endemic marine flora and fauna. Explore nearby limestone caves, lagoons and isolated beaches by canoe. Play a round of golf on the excellent and challenging golf courses or enjoy the sun, sea and sand at the 300 meter beach in Patong which is also an ideal location for swimming, sun bathing and a host of water related activities.

Leisure travelers can also enjoy the Fantasea Show a combination of Thai culture, magic, elephant circus and acrobatic performances accompanied by special effects which is known to be hugely entertaining. Then there is nightlife in Patong boasting a string of pubs, bars and restaurants where it is also possible to catch some good music dance or play pool till the wee hours of the morning. As for shopping Phuket offers a huge choice of all sorts of shops catering to every possible taste from night markets to more elegant options that remain open till late. With a combination of great accommodation, a selection of day and nighttime activity and natural beauty Phuket certainly meets the criteria defining leisure travel; releasing stress, rejuvenation of mind and body, experiencing and understanding new parts and cultures of the world and making new connections.

With the aim of delivering total wellbeing through a holistic approach to health and fitness Thanyapura Phuket offers sports, fitness, training and leisure facilities on a beautifully laid out campus in the heart of Phuket. All the modern sports facilities makes this place one of the most comprehensive and modern Sports Club Thailand. These facilities are complemented by a boutique hotel Phuket with a selection of contemporary well quipped rooms and suites which is an excellent base from which to explore the many attractions of Phuket or to enjoy the excellent on site sports and leisure facilities and to experience the extensive organic food and drink at the facility’s restaurants and bars.