Explore Ba Vi National Park Vietnam – A Breath of Fresh Air

Ba Vi National Park is a beautiful park that is a great place to retreat to for a peaceful and scenic respite from the hustle and bustle of urban life. If you’re on holiday in Vietnam and would prefer to pound some dirt rather than the pavement, head to Ba Vi National Park which resides at an elevation of over a thousand metres above sea level. Staying in the capital? From a serviced apartment in Hanoi such as the Somerset Hoa Binh Hanoi or any other, a trip to the park should take a little over an hour by car.

The park has a pretty well paved that leads up to its entrance. This leaves you open to using a selection of transportation options as per your preferences. Those fitness fanatics or outdoor daredevils who would like to work up a real sweat can choose to ride a motorbike or bicycle up the inclining road if they would like; although this option is advisable only for those who keep their body in the peak of physical fitness and who are experienced motor bikes or mountain bicycle users and have intimate knowledge on how to utilise the gears on their machine. Bikers and cyclers alike will be wise to stick to the lowest gears while they make the ascent. For those travelling with little children, older people, or those who would rather prefer to comfortable take in the scenery as they climb up the road towards the park, a four wheel vehicle is without a doubt, highly advisable. At the park, you will be treated to stunning views of mountains and verdant plant life. Some of the flora here have name cards on display to educate observers as to what it is exactly that they have the pleasure of viewing. The only downside is that these tend to be written in only Vietnamese, and so you may need a local tour guide or friend to translate them for you. There are also two temples in the mountains that you can visit if you are willing to climb extra sets of stairs.

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Long Bien Bridge – a stunning attraction

One of Hanoi’s best loved landmarks is the impressive Long Bien Bridge, which has captured the hearts and minds of the citizenry, and poses a curious remnant of the French Colonial influence that once held significant sway over this iconic South East Asian city. Soak up the best of Hanoi’s sights when you check into one of the best ranked Hanoi serviced apartments in the city, such as those offered at the Somerset West Lake Hanoi – home to centrally located, executive apartments Hanoi has to offer its leisure and corproate visitors. Ensure you check out the iconic Long Bien Bridge, which saw its genesis in 1902 and it was an architectural and economic marvel as it served as a vital line of transport between Hanoi and Haiphong, and was one of the longest bridges to grace Asia during the height of its significance. Built in the cantilever style, it was designed by Gustav Eiffel, the famous French architect behind the Eiffel Towel. This magnificent water feature reveals some truly pectacular views over the Red Rvier, and its sunsets rival those of the some of the most famous tropical beaches around the world. The bridge is undergoing a massive restoration effort after years of deterioration and is poised to once again become the cultural and architectural marvel it was during the early twentieth century.

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Ha Long Bay Cruise- Enjoy the true beauty of Hanoi

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