Discovering the Top Attractions in Guangzhou – Unforgettable Sightseeing Adventures

Located beside the Pearl River, the Chinese port city of Guangzhou offers some exciting adventures for intrepid travellers be it at cultural, contemporary or natural attractions.

Canton Tower

Canton Tower | Image Credit : User:慕尼黑啤酒, Guangzhou Tower, CC BY-SA 4.0

Canton Tower

Towering to a height of 600 metres, the distinctive Canton Tower offers some amazing views from up top. Situated around 16 minutes from Somerset Riviera Guangzhou, it is also China’s highest tower. This attraction has some unique features too including the Bubble Tram which revolves around the top, the Star Observation Deck and the Sky Drop which offers a freefall of 100 feet!

Yuexiu Park

The city’s largest park, this picturesque site provides an idyllic setting amidst a backdrop of mountains and lakes. Those finding Guangzhou accommodation nearby can easily unwind here at the end of the day as well as visit the famed Five Rams Sculpture and the Guangzhou Museum.

Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family

Dating back to 1888, during the Qing Dynasty period, this historic site features traditional design and fascinating sculptures too. It offers captivating insights into the city’s rich history and the pottery sculptures, paintings and carvings of stone, wood and brick are definitely worth taking in.

White Cloud Mountain

Those who love hiking and nature should plan an excursion to White Cloud Mountain, around 17 km from the city. Featuring 30 peaks, this attraction has scenic areas each with something different to offer; Bird Spring Valley Park is home to vibrant birdlife, Santailing Park has the blossoming Yuntai Garden and Luhu Park is known for its beautiful Jinye Pond.

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Yuexiu Park – An Oasis of Calm

One of the most scenic parks to be found in Guangzhou city, Yuexiu Park is an ideal combination of ecological tourism and cultural relics. Consisting of seven hills of Yuexiu Mountain and three artificial lakes, those who come here can immerse themselves in the immense natural beauty featuring verdant greenery and the sound of birds singing. You can marvel at Linnan-styled and elaborately engraved pavilions, corridors, towers and pavilions. Statue of the Five Goats is also among the main attractions at the Yuexiu Park.

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White Cloud Hills Scenic Region – a treat for the eye

The Guangzhou district is very often described with the words ‘white clouds and pearl sea’. What is meant by White Clouds is the hills known as the White Clouds hills. It is considered to be an extension of the Jiulian mountain range in the south. The mountain range is found in the north eastern side of Guangzhou and it is approximately 17 kilometers away from the main city centre. The area spans more than 28 square kilometers and the region has more than thirty peaks and hills. Amongst them is the highest peak known as the Moxing Ridge, which literally translates to the ridge that scrapes the stars which is located right at the centre of the mountain range.

At a height of 382 meters it is considered to be “the First Peak under the Southern Sky”. In the season of autumn the white clouds that hover above these mountains create a breathtaking scenery, which have also been responsible for giving the region its name.

There are natural waterfalls, streams and hillocks in the area. There are also a vast variety of historical relics located in the vicinity. Thus, it is indeed a great place for nature lovers to go sightseeing and to relax, rest and explore the wilderness. For those who love to photograph scenery and take long walks and just relax and enjoy the beauty of nature this is indeed a great place to go to unwind. Amongst the key scenic regions here are North Hill, Luhu Lake and Mountain Peak.

Lately many entrepreneurs have set up a number of facilities for the visitors who come here and they include botanical gardens, sculpture parks, golf grounds as well as water parks. For foreigners or even out of towners living at the many Guangzhou serviced apartments, hotels or even in Guangzhou long stay accommodation such as Springdale Serviced Residence Guangzhou a weekend getaway to the White Cloud Hills Scenic Region would be a welcome break away from the city life and the hustle and bustle. Having spent a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend close to nature and its beautiful surroundings would prepare one to take on the challenges of city life with new vigour.