A Travel Guide to Shaoxing – Short and Quick Facts!

Shaoxing is full of attractions as a city of roughly 4,340,000 people and 8,256 square kilometres. It contains many areas of tourist interest such as the residences of famous Chinese historical figures as well as places of cultural and historical importance like Anchang Ancient Town, Orchid Pavilion and Lu Xin Native Place.

How to Get There

To get to Shaoxing you will have to get to the nearest airport in Hangzhou and drive for about 30 kilometres. There are also shuttle buses from the airport directly to Shaoxing. The city is completely accessible thanks to good roads in all major directions.


The weather in Shaoxing gets quite hot during the summer but thanks to the rain it has quite a cooling effect. It is most advised to visit during the summer as there is a lot of outdoor places to explore. There are also quite a lot of Shaoxing serviced apartments available should you choose to stay for an extended time.

Where to Stay

There are plenty of places to choose from if you want to stay in Shaoxing from homestays to Airbnbs, to luxury resorts and serviced apartments the likes of Citadines Keqiao Shaoxing that is located in the Keqiao area.

Some Quick Tips

Some quick tips to keep in mind when visiting Shaoxing. The city looks simple and calm but is actually a bustling hub for the textile industry and is developing rapidly.
It is one of the most historic cities in China where great Chinese poets, writers and thinkers being born and dying there.
Shaoxing also has some unique varieties of traditional Zhejiang cuisine that must be tasted.

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