See Everything in Colombo – What’s exciting in Sri Lanka’s vibrant commercial capital!

Sri Lanka’s commercial capital, Colombo is a lively city with many fine dining options, shopping malls, and many attractions. These are some of the must-visit attractions that you should not miss.

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Galle Face Green
The Galle Face is a popular ocean-side promenade. It is an ideal place to witness gorgeous sunsets, kite flyers, local food vendors and more. Don’t forget to savour delicious street food while having a leisurely walk along the coast. If you are planning to visit this place and wondering where to stay in Colombo, consider a hotel like Cinnamon Red Colombofrom where the Galle Face Green is just a few minutes away.

The National Museum of Colombo
This beautiful museum was built in 1876 and was founded by the British governor of that time. It showcases diverse items owned by the ancient kings of Sri Lanka. The whole building is surrounded by a lovely courtyard.

The Dutch Hospital
When in Colombo Fort, an essential experience is to spend some time in the amazing Dutch Hospital. Especially if you are in search of an ideal place to shop and enjoy a delectable meal. The open verandas and its unique wooden architecture give a glimpse of Dutch Colonial charm.

Kelaniya Temple
If you are in Colombo and don’t visit this ancient yet fascinating temple, then you’ve made a huge mistake. Numerous old paintings, sculptures along with its soothing ambiance has made this place a hotspot among many tourists who visit Sri Lanka. Visit this amazing religious complex and feel the inner harmony filling your soul.


A fancy millennial experience; night Life in Colombo

Colombo being the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, is buzzing and extravagantly lit up mostly at night. With quite a reputation for a sizzling nightlife, the tiny city is packed with night clubs, bars and spots to chill sipping a relaxing drink at night.

Elegant dining, dancing, karoke or casual cocktails, Colombo has it all. If you are looking for a classy night of dancing and drinking to relax and chat away with your friends and loved ones, the full-fledged high end bars or lounges offered by Colombo city hotels such as ‘Sky lounge’, the rooftop bar at Kingsbury hotel and ‘Cloud red’, the roof top bar at Cinnamon Red Colombo are among the ideal choices for you.

Places like ‘clique’, ‘W lounge’ and ‘Disques’ are among the top recommendations for a fun night due to the high quality of music and spacious ambiance to get some quality clubbing in. food and drinks offered at these clubs are quite pricey, while most of them charge an entrance fee for men.

Casinos in Colombo are quite the hit as well, although the options are quite limited unlike nightclubs. Conveniently located in the same area, you may try the luck of your hand until dawn. ‘Bally’s’, ‘Casino Marino’ and ‘Bellatio’ are a few of the good options available. Provided with free food early in the night and free drinks and cigarettes throughout your stay, casinos in Colombo offer that Law Vegas gambling experience.

If you want to dance or sing your night away, well Colombo is the place for you. Most night clubs are arranged in the western settings with hip pop and R& B music played throughout the night. Places like ‘Sugar’ offer spacious dance floors and happy hours for drinks. Colombo is also quite engaged in the karoke scene. Places such as ‘Voice Lounge’ and ‘Sopranos’ are providing a high quality karokeing experience than anticipated than most.

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