What to Pack for a Beach Holiday – Maximizing Fun in the Sun & Sand

Planning a beach getaway with friends or family? While you may be already thinking of all the time you are going to spend on the shore, don’t forget to pack properly so you can have the best time.

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Swimsuits, bikinis or swimming trunks are an obvious choice, though it helps to pack two of a kind especially if you are going to spend multiple days at the beach. Pack light cotton tops, tank tops, t-shirts and shorts. Of course, when staying at beach side luxury resorts in Sri Lanka including properties such as Blue Water Club Suites you can easily access the shore, so changing clothes is not a hassle.


While you may be envisioning barefoot freedom, it’s always a good idea to have some flip-flops with you! If you are going to do some exploring away from the beach, pack a pair of sandals or sneakers, while if you are planning to enjoy fine dining, having formal shoes or heels is a good idea.


Pack a good beach bag which can fit in most of the stuff to take to the beach. Of course, it’s also worth having a “wet bag” to keep your wet items separately and a “dry bag” to keep equipment like your camera and phone safe.

Other Essentials

A good sunscreen (SPF 30 minimum), beach hat and moisturizing cream are essential since you will be spending most of your time in the sun. Also worth packing are sunglasses to keep out the glare and toys or game-related items for some fun family times.


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Surprising Benefits of the Ayurveda Massages – It’s more than just an oil massage!

Ayurveda massage, also known as Abhyanga is a key component of traditional healing techniques and it encompasses an overall balance of a person through lasting lifestyle changes, like those below.

Ayurvedic Massage | Image Credit: Bru-nO via Pixabay

Ayurvedic Massage | Image Credit: Bru-nO via Pixabay

A sound sleep

The sensation of ayurvedic massages has the ability to make a huge difference in the way you think about yourself and the people around you. Your anxieties and agitations are replaced with a sense of contentment and calmness. The oils used in those massages are warm, heavy and grounding which cater to all the aspects required for a sound sleep.

Improves blood circulation

Ayurvedic massages have the ability to stimulate the movement of blood in different parts of the body. While continuous body movement helps to maintain proper circulation, the pressing and touching techniques help the flow of blood. Once the blood circulation is facilitated, your body’s ability to flush out toxins is optimized.

Feel young again

Dreaming of having a soft and a glowing skin devoid of dryness and cracking? Ayurvedic oil therapy creates a buffer between harsh environmental conditions and your skin. Therefore, the skin often remains soft and supple! If on a holiday in Sri Lanka, experience the healing powers of Ayurveda massages at a spa hotel in Sri Lanka the likes of Blue Water Club Suites, and find total peace in your mind and body.

Increase energy

The combination of elements like physical therapy, massage, and yoga in Thai spa treatments have the ability to increase your body energy to rediscover the young you!

Fritzjames Stephen is a travel writer, who writes content based on the myriad of experiences and indulgences that the world has to offer travellers across all walks of life. Google+

There is More to Relaxing During a Spa Session – Four Benefits of a Spa Treatment

Spa treatments have taken the world by storm during certain times, and what was initially a concept mostly utilised by women has become universally popular.

Stimulate Collagen

Very much akin to receiving a facial treatment, a good spa session with rejuvenate cells and strengthen your skin. This will lead to the prevention of wrinkles, suppression of aging and contribute to the general wellbeing of your skin.

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It’s almost impossible to live in the modern world without accumulating impurities within the body. Many a spa hotel in Sri Lanka with examples such as Blue Water Club Suites tend to specify in such treatments due to the prevalence of ayurvedic knowledge.

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Metabolize Fat Cells

Yes! You can most definitely lose weight by indulging in the exuberant bliss of spa treatments. Due to the oils utilised in these therapies, with the addition of scrubbing, fat in certain areas of the body will be eliminated.

Total Relaxation

This is of course the most fundamental result of a good spa treatment. Not only does it rid the muscles of fatigue and exhaustion, but a good treatment will also go a long way in easing mental and psychological stress as well. This results in a sensation of complete and total relaxation.

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