The Old Dubai; Al Bastakiya – A Paradise for History Buffs!

Take a walk down the history lane and witness Dubai in all its historical glory as you wander along the streets of Al Bastakiya – Dubai’s most celebrated historic district. Read on to know more.


The origin of the region takes us back to the 1890s but the whole region shrunk in size drastically over the years and in 2005 the remaining area of the region got a facelift along with a full restoration program. Today you can witness old Dubai in the form it held nearly one and half centuries ago.


Places to see…

Located at proximity to some of the most lavish 5 Star Resorts in Dubai the likes of Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort, the region has become a sprawling tourist destination with a lot of things to do and see. Find below some of the places that are certainly worth visiting during your time here.

Mawaheb Gallery

This is an Arabic art studio that houses exquisite pieces of art which have been created by people with special needs. Anyone above or equal to 16 years of age can visit the gallery.

Coffee Museum

The bond between coffee and Arabs go a long way back in history. Few of the most savoured and loved blends of coffee originated in the middle east. This museum gives you a glimpse of how the tradition of coffee making got so instilled into the middle eastern culture.

Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood

This is the region of the historic district where you can witness the fully restored buildings in all its vibrant glory. Awe at the intricate architecture and delight your hearts with the positive vibes of an amazing culture.


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Skydiving in Dubai – Mission Quite Possible!

Of all the places in the world, Dubai has a special place in the minds of seasoned skydivers. With gorgeous views of the ocean and the city, what else could you want? Learn more about this here.

1) What is it

Skydiving is a sport where you’ll experience free-fall from the skies as you take in the majestic view around while trying to remain calm.

2) Prerequisites

If you’re planning on skydiving in Dubai, there are a few rules. Firstly, you must be at least 18 years old and secondly, you must meet the requirements for your weight and BMI to ensure your safety. Needless to say, you must have your documents to prove your identity as well.

3) Where to stay

There are plenty of 5-star resorts in Dubai where you can stay while you give skydiving a go, Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort is one such example.

4) Indoor or Outdoor

Once you decide to try this out, you can opt for either an indoor or outdoor skydiving experience. The former offers a simulation of it via a wind tunnel which is ideal if this is your first time. The latter, however, is the most thrilling and fun as you’ll be taken on a plane and then given the chance to make a leap that you’ll never forget.

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Dubai Dolphinarium – Dolphins are Galore!

Animals have constantly entranced humanity. Uniting the universe of people and dolphins is Dubai’s best-cherished setting Dubai Dolphinarium. Situated in Creek Park, a visit here offers you a chance to learn and collaborate with magnificent dolphins, seals and colourful feathered creatures.



The dolphinarium has shows three times each day, allowing you to meet bottlenose dolphins and lively northern hide seals at the activity pressed shows. These intelligent spectacles exhibit the shocking aptitudes of these stunning creatures. Watch in amazement as dolphins and seals move, sing, juggle, take care of business, perform trapeze artistry and even paint. 5 star resorts in Dubai can be found in close quarters to this venue, like Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort, for instance.

Dolphin Meet and Greet

Poolside cooperation for the individuals who would prefer not to get wet. Play, contact and kiss the dolphins. Appropriate for non-swimmers and exceptionally youthful kids.

Very close Dolphin Encounters

Dubai Dolphinarium’s shallow water communications enable you to connect with the dolphins in their very own condition. Complete with coach supervision, you can contact, move, sing, take care of business and appreciate the high-vitality shown by the dolphins. The pool is at knee-tallness, making it perfect for youthful ones and the individuals who are less certain about being in the water.

Lofty Dolphin Swim

How about an opportunity to genuinely associate with the dolphins? Jump on for a dorsal balance tow or gut ride. You’ll likewise get the opportunity to embrace and kiss the dolphins and the master coaches are there to share data about their conduct, characteristic environment and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. This session is perfect for the individuals who are sure swimmers.

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