Tra Que Herb Village – A Must-Visit Tourist Destination in Vietnam

Vietnam, especially Hoi An, has plenty of tropical splendour and is rich in heritage. Hoi An is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and there is plenty to experience if you find yourself here.

Tra Que Village

Many have described Tra Que as the ‘loveliest village on Earth’, and despite the grand nature of the statement, it is very agreeable. It is situated at the edge of Hoi An and attracts a bounty of eager visitors.

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The village is simply 3km away from the heart of Hoi An, and is reachable even on foot. If you’re residing at a hotel in Hoi An Vietnam the likes of Anantara Hoi An Resort, then reaching the village is a simple task.


The village has existed for over 300 years now, and its initial settlers relied mostly on fishing to survive. After developing an agricultural system relying on the river’s seaweed as manure, the village rapidly developed a reputation for producing the finest vegetables in Vietnam.

Unparalleled Freshness

The village uses no chemicals or artificial repellents on their produce and crop, and their villagers have a strong sense of pride in their livelihood. Many believe that this village single-handedly revolutionised the standard of food in Hoi An.

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Things to Do in Mui Ne – Explore with Ease

Be mesmerized by the lifestyle of the locals and the unusual natural landmarks and features of Mui Ne, from geographical phenomena to cultural wonders.

Visit the Local Fish Market

Mui Ne continues to rely greatly on fishing to sustain its economy, unlike other parts of the country. Therefore, one of the best things to do in Mui Ne is to visit a fish market. Such a visit will provide you with an insight into how the locals fish and sell their produce.

Walk Along the Fairy Spring

The Fairy Spring is located quite close to Mui Ne and a walk along the river makes for an excellent evening activity. The river runs alongside the mountain landscape and, as a result, hosts some unusual rock and sand formations.

Have Fun at the Beach

Any tourist staying at the Mui Ne Luxury resorts the likes of Anantara Mui Ne Resort will have the good fortune of having the ocean just outside their door. Take maximum advantage of this and opt to engage in the numerous water sports that are available in Mui Ne.

Enjoy the Sunset by the Ocean

In addition to swimming in the ocean, tourists can also settle down comfortably towards evening in order to enjoy a beautiful sunset. Watching the sunset in Mui Ne is a wonderful way to wind down and bid adieu to a long day.

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Image Credit: Anantara Mui Ne Resort

Catalina Forbes is a travel writer who bases her content on many thrilling escapades experienced across the world. Google+

Experience the Culture of Hoi An – A Delightful Journey for Travellers

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Once upon a time, Hoi An in Vietnam’s central coast, was a major port that was the centre of the country’s spice trade. Today, with its many fine remnants of the past, Hoi An has transformed into a world-renowned tourist attraction. This is largely due to the reason that it’s been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Thus, if you’re heading over to this charming town you need to get ready to experience a high dosage of culture.

First off, take a cooking class. While touring Hoi An, you’re gonna eat and fall in love with its diverse and amazing cuisine. Why not learn to make it so you will be always be cherishing these exotic flavours. There are a wide number of cooking classes offered by restaurants as well as many a Hoi An river resort the likes of the Anantara Hoi An Resort. You will be guided by a chef on how to make local favourites like Som Tam Pu Ma (Spicy Blue Crab Papaya Salad) and Kan Chiang Pu Nueng (Steamed Crab Wing). The best part of these classes is the ending, where you can sample the dishes you made yourself!

Next, take a stroll through the old quarter of Hoi An. This will be like taking a step back in time as almost all of the buildings here are built according to a stunning style of architecture that inspired by the Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, French and British who visited Hoi An as traders. There is also a wonderful network of canals that sort of presents an exotic Venice. What’s more these canals have been placed among the 10 World Famous Canals!

If you really want a glimpse into the glorious past of Hoi An, visit the Hoi An Traditional Art Performance Theatre. Here they have live performances of Vietnamese folk dances and music. These take place between the hours of 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm every day. The shows are free if you already have bought the entrance ticket to the Hoi An Old Town.

Catalina Forbes is a travel writer who bases her content on many thrilling escapades experienced across the world.