Must See Attractions in Kowloon – The Best of Kowloon

The district of Kowloon is one where the streets are always abuzz with workers, street vendors and hawkers. However, there is still something fascinating about it all. Below are a few places you ought to visit in Kowloon.

The museum district

Kowloon is known for the many kinds of museums here. The biggest museums here are also the busiest museums in Hong Kong. Most tourists coming to Kowloon first begin their quest by visiting the museums in town. This is also because most of the Tsim Sha Tsui hotels are located close by.

Markets in Kowloon

If shopping is what you are here for, then Kowloon is the right place to be. Markets selling low price goods are available here. The most famed one of them is the Temple Street Night Market. Travelodge Kowloon and other hotels are available for accommodation here.

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Sik Sik Yuen Temple

This is the most famous temple here that is bustling with many devotees visiting the shrine ever so often. This is also the perfect place to get a taste of the vibrant festivities of the Chinese culture. The inside is sure to leave you in wonder.

Lei Yue Mun

Lei Yue Mun was once a fishing village that has now been transformed into a seafood destination. The catch is brought in fresh off the ocean. You may pick the fish of your choice off the net and get it cooked then and there by the hawker stalls.

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Discovering Kowloon – Authenticity Awaits!

Kowloon has long been regarded as the raw side of Hong Kong. The city is a melting pot of classical and modern culture, resulting in a variety of things to do and see. Want to find out all there is about Kowloon?

The Local Cuisine

Kowloon boasts an impressive selection of cheap street food, mainly concentrated around the Mong Kok area. You’ll find everything you need and more, from classic steamed fish balls to fried tofu along with freshly stir-fried noodles and seafood barely out of the ocean.

Speaking of fresh catches, Lei Yue Mun is the ideal destination for the seafood connoisseur. A former fishing village has now evolved into a place where fishermen bring their catch right up to shore and local diners will cook whatever you pick out.

Places of Worship

The Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin temple hosts worshippers of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. But of course, everyone is welcome to respectfully look around. Inside you’ll find a haven that is much needed from the hustle and bustle of the outside city.

Spots to Check Out

Mong Kok’s Ladies’ Market is a street of stalls that seems to go on forever with vendors offering up everything from toys to clothes. Don’t forget to negotiate on prices, however as they are not fixed! And if you feel hungry afterwards, there’s a selection of eateries in close proximity to hit up. If you’re on the lookout for Tsim Sha Tsui hotels, there are many to pick from like Travelodge Kowloon for example.

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