Trekking in Langkawi – A Hike on the Jewel of Kedah

Langkawi, although many might be unfamiliar with the name, is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world by those that are aware of the place. Located some thirty kilometres off the coast of Malaysia, Langkawi offers a tropical paradise, with bountiful beauty and many Langkawi resorts to choose from such as the Berjaya Langkawi Resort.

Langkawi’s stunning mix of lush rainforests and mountainous landscapes combine to create some truly unforgettable terrain as far as trekking is concerned. The flora and fauna to be glimpsed on the island are also incredibly diverse. When it comes to birds alone, there are more than two hundred species to be discovered on the island. There are also more than four hundred varieties of plant life on the island, with some colossal trees that have been in existence for hundreds of years.

One of the best trails is the Langkawi Rainforest Trek which is on the Gunung Raya mountain, Langkawi’s highest peak. The trek can take place in both night and day times. If you wish to glimpse the many animals present in the park, then the day time trek is the best. Ideally you will be able to see giant squirrels, leaf monkeys, and eagles. Night-time creatures also include flying squirrels and flying foxes.

There’s also a trek you can undertake through the UNESCO World Heritage Geo-Park of Mount Mat Cincang. The mountain itself is around five-hundred-million years old, and contains most of the species to be seen in the whole of Langkawi, providing an extremely comprehensive experience.

These are but two of the trekking locations available for your hiking leisure on Langkawi, and there are many more to choose from, so if you ever find yourself on Langkawi, waste no time and take the island for all it’s worth.

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