Ancient Cities in Sri Lanka – Discover the Bygone Civilisations of the Island

Sri Lanka’s history spans thousands of years back and has featured some of the most enigmatic and ancient civilisations in the world. There are many remains of ancient cities to explore.


Via -Wikimedia,CC0

This is one of the most particularly ancient cities in Sri Lanka, and one of the oldest consistently occupied places in the world. It was the capital of the nation for centuries, and many of the most legendary kings of Sri Lanka have resided here.


Via -wikimedia,CC0

This was the island’s second largest ancient kingdom. This place is astonishing from an archaeological perspective because it shows the incredible knowledge these ancient people had in regards to architecture and developmental planning.


This is still one of the most thriving cities in Sri Lanka excluding Colombo, and was where the last kingdom of Sri Lanka existed. King Sri Vikrama Rajasingha was the last king of Sri Lanka until he was conquered by the British. It also boasts the sacred Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic.


From the various ancient capitals and kingdoms that existed in Sri Lanka, there were none that came close to this intimidating citadel that was built in the skies. There are countless tour packages in Sri Lanka involving Sigiriya, provided by entities such as Jetwing Travels.

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