The Sand City of Algarve – The Incredible Sand Sculpture Festival of Algarve

Sand Sculptures Fiesa Portugal Algarve

Sand Sculptures Fiesa Portugal Algarve | Img By : lampe via Pixabay [CC0 Creative Commons]

Art is one of the most defining aspects of the human race, and is truly something worth celebrating. The Sand Sculpture Festival of Algarve is something that will astonish you eternally.


Officially known as the International Sand Sculpture Festival, it is the largest of its kind on the planet, and has been held annually ever since 2003. It takes place at a site that can only be identified through gps coordinates and feature incredible works of art that are seemingly created by divine means.


The Concept
Each year there is a very specific theme which the exhibitioners have to follow, and result in some truly breathtaking works of artistic mastery. Some of the themes from past incarnations of the festival include ‘idols’, ‘music, ‘lost worlds’, and ‘Hollywood films and characters’.


The Event
Recent versions of this festival have grown exponentially in scale and the last one featured fifty artists, fifteen-thousand square-metres of land, and forty thousand tonnes of sand. The event also lasts for around five months! So if you find yourself vacationing at a nearby hotel in Praia Da Rocha with examples such as Tivoli Marina Portimao Algarve Hotel, be sure to check if the festival is happening.


The Sculptures
The average sculpture stands at around 12 feet tall, and can depict anything from icons such as Willy Wonka to historical figures such as Sigmund Freud. There are even incredible dioramas to be seen.


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Benefits of spa treatments – Relax and Rejuvenate


Welcome ritual with “feet and hands” cleansing ritual using local herbs and or oils.

Welcome ritual with  “feet and hands”  cleansing ritual using local herbs  and or oils. | Img Credit :  Tivoli Spa


Spa treatments are designed to relax and rejuvenate while transporting you to a different world as the hands of an expert masseuse work their magic on you! Most spas offer a diverse spa menu for guests to choose from.


Spa treatments
Many hotels such as Tivoli Hotels & Resorts, offer specialised spa treatments at their own spa facilities such as Tivoli Spa for their guests to take advantage of.


Your mind
Indulging in a spa treatment would mean that you choose to turn off the outside world and de-stress. Your mind will be able to relax as the spa therapists’ help you unwind and attain a peace of mind.


Your body
There are numerous benefits of spa treatments for your body such as detoxifying, stimulating blood flow, easing your tensed muscles, relieving chronic pains and much more. Specific treatments such as body wraps aim to re charge and re vitalise the body with elements and nutrients.


Your soul
Having a pair of expert hands work their magic on you as you completely switch everything off is probably the only way to be at one with yourself while not worrying about anything. Spa treatments will make you feel brand new and ready to take on the world!


















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Benefits of Rock Salt – Worth one’s salt

Khewra rock salt - light pink

Khewra rock salt – light pink | Img By : Cantons-de-l’Est (Own Work) CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons


According to Ayurveda, rock salt is the best and purest form of any kind of salt, with no chemical or pollutants infecting it.



Rock salt contains 84 of 92 elements that a human body needs to run in health, including calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, copper and magnesium. In Hindi, rock salt is known as Sendha Namak, and is highly popular in the South Asian regions.

Unlike the common table salt, rock salt has less amounts of sodium chloride in it and is used during the Hindu fasting ritual of Navaratri, to maintain the electrolyte levels of the body.



Apart from aiding digestion, increasing metabolism, stabilising blood pressure, boosting immunity, treating sinuses, rock salt is also widely loved by the beauty industries. It promotes healthy skin, removes dead skin cells, reduces edema and exfoliates skin in the least harmful way possible.



The rock salt therapies and spa treatments have spread to most parts of the world now, and in a country like Brazil, it is a well loved therapy at any local Para or Bahia spa. Some spas offer special rock salt makeovers and treatments for your skin and at a place like Tivoli Ecoresort Praia Do Forte Bahia, you can choose the therapy based on your skin issues too.










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