Snorkelling in Tioman – An Adventure with Marine Life

On the southeastern part of Malaysia, you find 64 islands, out of which Tioman Island is the largest and most popular. There are many methods in which one can enjoy the vibrant marine life, as the island is home to large coral reefs. Here’s a guide on the best places to go snorkelling in Tioman.

Marine Park

Marine Park is close to plenty of hotels, such as Berjaya Tioman Resort, so you won’t have to worry about getting there. The fish are said to be friendly, and the view in terms of aquatic life is splendid. Due to these reasons, Marine Park is said to be a great spot for snorkelling and the park also hosts a praiseworthy turtle population.

Rengiss Island

This is another place that is highly recommended for snorkelling by locals and any Tioman hotel. Rengiss Island has shallow waters and houses big corals in the area adjacent to it, for you to experience nature at its finest.

Salang Beach

A fine and picturesque view, Salang beach is another option for snorkelling. The low tides in this area make it a safe place for children to witness marine life more closely, without having to worry about a high current.

Coral Island and Malang rocks

Impressive diversity in marine life is what Coral Island and Malang rocks have to offer to you. This area would make an ideal spot to go snorkelling with your buddies as you do not require heavy snorkelling gear.

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