Thai Massage in Chiang Rai – Rejuvenating Relaxation!

While Chiang Rai which is set amidst stunning landscapes offers a scenic backdrop in which to unwind, this picturesque part of Thailand is also the perfect place to experience a rejuvenating Thai Massage. Those in search of Chiang Rai hotels which feature such wellness treatments can consider Anantara Golden Triangle Thailand. This hotel Chiang Rai has to offer has its own luxurious spa where you can enjoy a range of treatments including a Royal Thai Massage.

When in Chiang Rai town you will find many massage parlours where you can experience a Thai Massage. This traditional therapy looks to combine massaging with stretching that helps to bring about relaxation for the body and in doing so, the mind as well. Typically, this form of massage does not utilise any special oils and you can wear loose fitting clothing as well. Treatments can sometimes last from one to three hours and incorporate yoga Asanas too, making for a truly invigorating massage.

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