Classical Gardens of Suzhou – Ancient creations with outstanding universal value.

The picturesque city of Suzhou in China is located in the center of the Yangtze Delta region. It is part of the Jiangsu Province with Shanghai to its east and the Yangtze River to the north. Almost half of Suzhou is covered in water and has been dubbed ‘Venice of the Orient’. The city itself is divided in half by the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal that runs through its center from north to south. For visitors to Suzhou, serviced apartments are a convenient choice and make for an ideal base from which to explore this ancient, beautifully landscaped city.

The weather remains favourable all year round making it the perfect tourist destination. The classical gardens which have put Suzhou on the map, have gained a reputation for being some of the most beautiful in the world. Many of the landscaped areas were designed and built during the Ming Dynasty. Despite being built thousands of years ago, a number of them are well preserved to this day. The Humble Administrator’s Garden or Zhuozheng Garden, the Lingering Garden also known as Liu Garden, the Garden of the Master of the Nets (Wangshi Garden), the Villa with Embracing Beauty known as Huanxiu Mountain Villa are a few of the noteworthy places that are located in close proximity to each other; Citadines Xinghai Suzhou is also located nearby, giving visitors a reputed accommodation option in the heart of the city.

The high praise earned by these gardens is as a result of their breathtaking natural beauty, which has been enhanced with the construction of ponds and pavilions that blend harmoniously with the existing features. The city of Suzhou currently maintains more than sixty gardens, a number of which appear on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


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Master of the Nets Garden – an insight into the splendor of nature

Designed during the Song Dynasty, this magnificent garden depicts the combination of the culture, architecture and nature, this garden is recognized as one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. This beautiful residential garden is the smallest of the Suzhou gardens yet it is very impressive how it transform you to a harmonious and tranquil state. While in China you can plan your stay in one of the Suzhou apartments that provides you with an ultimate living experience of the city life. Citadines Xinghai Suzhou is one such apartment complex that is in the close vicinity of the gardens.

A common sight in Suzhou gardens, the large pond contains a pavilion and is surrounded by pathways and variety of buildings, and as you walk about in the gardens you notice that it’s divided into three main parts namely, the residential section, main central garden and an inner garden. The buildings are built in such way that you could access the main garden through any room and while taking a walk you are bound to witness the spectacular views of the flowers and plants framing them from a distance. Though small in size the garden is presumed to be the well-preserved one in the area giving you an insight into the culture and how the early dwellers spent their time.

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Things to do in Suzhou, a fascinating city

The captivating Chinese city of Suzhou never fails to capture the imagination of the visitor with its numerous sightseeing and leisure attractions. These attractions have made the city a significant tourist destination, attracting visitors from China as well as foreign nations. This picturesque city boasts an array of interesting sights including pagodas, stone bridges and beautifully landscaped gardens.

Suzhou is internationally renowned as a splendid garden city and features numerous meticulously maintained areas of parkland. One of these is the famed Lingering Garden, which is recognized as a typical Chinese classical garden. This appealing area of parkland consists of four distinct areas, each possessing its own features of interest. An unusual aspect of this attraction is that a long winding corridor connects its main aspects of interest.

Another splendid local park is the attractive Lion Grove Garden which is especially reputed for the amazing rock grotto located at its centre. This unique attraction features an intricate maze with no less than nine pathways winding their way through the numerous caves. However the finest and largest of the city’s gardens is the Humble Administrator’s Garden, an expansive creation which is highly representative of the Ming Dynasty era.

On the other hand visitors who admire Chinese temples should make it a point to explore the handsome Hanshan Temple. This picturesque shrine boasts a historical legacy dating back to the Tang Dynasty. Within the temple compound in addition to the central Mahavira Hall you will find features of interest such as a tower, a corridor crafted in wood and a meandering stream.

Meanwhile any visitor with an interest in the distinctive local culture will be enthralled by the fascinating Suzhou Museum. This engrossing establishment features diverse exhibits including classical Chinese artworks, traditional paintings, calligraphy, local handicrafts, ceramics, documents and more.

On the other hand travellers who would like to learn more about the exquisite fabric of silk should make it a point to visit the splendid Suzhou Silk Museum. This captivating institution provides everything you may wish to know about this unique fabric.

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