Traveling Around Sri Lanka – Things to Keep in Mind

The island of Sri Lanka is gaining tremendous popularity around the world, especially as a backpacking destination since there’s an astounding assortment of attractions to explore within the nation.


Sri Lanka is a tropical country and the weather will be on average, hot. Although it tends to get cooler in the Hill Country, you’ll still need to carry water since there will be a lot of walking involved there.

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Sample as Much Food as Possible

Sri Lankan cuisine is exquisite and has a wide variety of dishes and flavours. From the national dish which is rice and curry, to street-food icons such as kotthu roti, there’s an endless selection for your perusal and indulgence.


Travelling by train is one of the most affordable ways to get around, as long as you don’t ride ‘cattle class’ which never sells out. Just be sure to book your seats at least four days in advance, which can be done easily through a travel agency. If you’re thinking of a Sri Lanka car rental, there are many options such as Malkey Rent a Car.

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 Cultural Triangle

This is probably the single most essential experience that Sri Lanka has to offer, and a visit to this nation might even be vain if you don’t explore the island’s Cultural Triangle.

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Ratnapura Gems – Precious Keepsakes!

Ratnapura or the “City of Gems” is a city rich in history, known especially for the many gems that have and continue to be found. Those planning to drive here can make use of Sri Lanka car hire companies such as Malkey Travel & Tours (Pvt) Ltd. This Sri Lanka car rental service also offers chauffeur driven cars and provides convenient transport alternatives. A fascinating place to explore, Ratnapura has long been involved in gem mining and such varieties as sapphires, cat’s eyes, aquamarine, zircon and rubies have been unearthed. There are over 200 gem mines in the district and the mining of gems is an activity that goes on as more and more natural treasures are discovered below the earth’s surface. Do not forget to buy a gem or two as a memento of your visit to Sri Lanka!