Top Tourist Attractions in Kalutara – A Picturesque Seaside Holiday Destination!

Kalutara is a laid-back holiday destination famous for its relaxing atmosphere and long golden stretches of fine beaches, situated just 42 km away from Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka.

Brief Garden

Created by world-renowned Sri Lankan architect Bevis Bawa, Brief Garden in Lunuganaga is a 1-hour drive away from Kalutara. A truly enchanting place, the garden and the bungalow feature a hedonistic mix of traditional Ceylonese and colonial influence. Entrance is LKR 1000 after which visitors are free to wander around at their leisure.

Richmond Castle

A place of grandeur, Richmond Castle was the former home of a wealthy landowner, which was built during the turn of the century. Situated on the Kalutara – Palatota Road, the castle is among the most popular places to visit in Kalutara.

Pahiyangala Caves

Once the home of prehistoric cavemen, some 37,000 years ago, the Pahiyangala Caves located in the remote village of Yatagampityia, is known to be among the most ancient primal settlements in the whole of Asia and can be reached easily from many hotels in the Kalutara including the likes of Anantara Kalutara Resort.

Beruwala Lighthouse

A choppy ten-minute boat ride from the mainland to Barberyn Island will ensure that visitors get the chance to take a closer look at the fully functioning lighthouse which was completed in 1889. Visitors, however, are not allowed to enter the lighthouse but do get free reign to wander around the secluded island.

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The Beautiful City of Wadduwa – A Gem on Sri Lanka’s Southwest Coast

When in Sri Lanka, an essential experience is to spend some time in the beach paradise of Wadduwa. You will have many exciting activities to chill-out your holiday.


Wadduwa is one of the beautiful tropical cities in Sri Lanka. Located in the south-west coast of the country, it is well-known for its rich cultivation of coconut and as a major producer of vinegar. You can easily reach country’s capital city from Wadduwa. The golden sandy beaches are perfect for a memorable beach holiday.

File:Wadduwa Beach.jpg

Kesara Rathnayake, Wadduwa BeachCC BY-SA 2.0

Water Sports

One way of exploring this sleepy coastal city is to do some exhilarating water sports activities like windsurfing. If you are visiting Wadduwa with your friends, have a good time by playing a Beach Volleyball game. In addition, the sea in Wadduwa is perfect for an amazing boat ride.


Wadduwa is an active fishing village in Sri Lanka! If you wish to soak up the culture and the lifestyles of the fishermen, you can consider staying at one of the hotels in Wadduwa close to the beach, like The Blue Water Hotel and Spa.

Things to do

If you are not interested in water sports activities, heading to nearby Bentota to visit the famous Brief Garden is recommended. This garden is a must-see attraction for those who are interested in landscape design. Moreover, you can visit the sacred Kalutara Bodhiya to know more about its rich history and religious roots.

Catalina Forbes is a travel writer who bases her content on many thrilling escapades experienced across the world. Google+

Best Things to do in Bentota – The Adventure Starts Here

With beaches of gold and waters of blue, Bentota is an amazing holiday spot in Sri Lanka. The beach may be the main attraction, however, there is more to Bentota than just it’s beaches.

How about a jaunt on Bentota river?

Flowing from the hill country and into the vast Indian Ocean, Madu Ganga is for the adventurous heart. Ogle at the mangroves on both sides of the river as you take a cruise across fresh waters. Various animals such as lizards and rare kinds of birds may come out to take a peek at you too. It’s not just the beach here that is great for water sports, but the river too. Parasailing and jet skiing are options to try out on the river.

Brief Gardens

The renowned architect. Geoffrey Bawa’s sibling, Bevis Bawa was the owner of what is known now as Brief Gardens. The garden is a shady treat for those of you who would like to explore the fantastic landscaping that is displayed here.

The temple on the hill

A place of archaeological and religious significance to Sri Lanka, Kande Viharaya is located inland in Bentota. Here, your eyes will be awed at the serene sight of the huge Buddha statue much treasured by locals. It is believed that visiting and praying at this temple brings in wealth and happiness.

Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation project

Visit this amazing place located close by and check out these beautiful creatures. Why not stop by during the day and take this chance to see little hatchlings as well as big old turtles in their natural habitat?

A glimpse at life underwater

Now, this is sure to grab your attention! Bentota is a great spot for diving! If you are staying at a resort in Bentota, for example, hotels like AVANI Bentota Resort & Spa, take a few hours of your time to head over to Canoe Rock, Hundirangala or South Reef to feast your eyes on the brightly coloured coral and schools of fish while taking a dive.

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