Exploring Roads Less Traveled in Sigiriya, Sri Lanka – The Kingdom in the Clouds

Sigiriya is one destination in Sri Lanka that no one should miss out on. But that trip need not end with just a hike up the rock and back down because there is so much more on offer at Sigiriya that one should experience!

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Nature Trail – Habarana

Habarana is situated to the North of Sigiriya and still retains its scenic forestry through which you can walk the Nature trail, accompanied by an experienced villager. The classic flora and fauna of the Sri Lankan arid zones with the likes of water monitors and monkeys will keep you entertained!

Cycle Tours

If you’re staying at a hotel in Dambulla, Sri Lanka the likes of Amaya Signature Dambulla, then you may want to ditch the idea of being taken to Sigiriya via car and instead try Cycling your way to either Sigiriya Rock itself and follow it up with a bicycle tour around the village with a villager accompanying you!

Minneriya National Park

One should never miss a chance to watch the gentle giants that are Elephants in their natural habitat, and what better space to do it than a safari at the Minneriya National Park?

Pidurangala Hike

Sigiriya is not the only historically significant rock in Dambulla that you can hike up. If you’re looking for a more challenging rock to conquer, then Pidurangala, the peak directly opposite Sigiriya is the one for you! The trail takes you up past a historic temple and much harder rock climbs to traverse to a breathtaking view!

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Beautiful Spots in Sri Lanka – The magnificence of a tropical island

Looking for a splendid beach vacation in Sri Lanka? The Eastern coast of Sri Lanka retains much of its pristine beauty with its unspoilt beaches and tranquil atmosphere. Do read on to know more facts!

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If you want to make the best out of your holiday, you should spare some time to visit Mirissa for Whale and Dolphin watching. You will have the opportunity to view the most famous and the largest marine mammals, “Blue Whales”. Also, you will see several other whale species, exotic marine life, and dolphins.

Arugam Bay

If you want to receive the best out of Sri Lanka beach holidays, it’s worth visiting the stunning Arugam Bay to have a great experience while feasting your eyes on glorious sunset views. Undoubtedly, this place is a heaven for those of you who seek a laid-back ambiance along with a welcoming and diverse community.

Yala National Park

As one of Sri Lanka’s premier safari hotspots, the Yala National Park is a thriving safari hub worthy of exploration. It will give you the opportunity to witness a broad variety of wildlife in Sri Lanka. If you are luckier, you’ll be able to witness magnificent big cat prowls: the Sri Lankan leopard.


Sigiriya, also known as the Lion’s Rock is a popular hotspot among many tourists who visit Sri Lanka. Visit this heavenly place on earth and get to know the rich history of the country. You’ll certainly be mesmerized seeing this giant rock palace against the backdrop of lush green surroundings and clear blue skies! Those who visit Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle will have a plethora of accommodation like Browns Hotels & Resorts which offers some of the best resorts in Sri Lanka.
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A Travel Guide to Dambulla – Alluring charm of a World Heritage Site

When planning a trip to Sri Lanka, you should add Dambulla as a must-see destination in your travel plan. Tourists from all over the world visit this place to discover its historical significance.

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The Rock Cave Temple

This temple is also known as “Rangiri Dambulu Viharaya”. It is built on a 600 feet high rock and the temple has gained global recognition for its magnificent images of Lord Buddha. In addition, the amazing rock paintings of vivid colours capture the minds of tourists who visit the temple.

“The Lion Rock”

In fact, when it comes to the best things to do in Dambulla, heading to nearby Sigiriya Rock fortress is recommended. Once visited the place, you will see it as a heavenly place on earth. Being one of the most renowned iconic paintings of Sri Lanka, the ‘Sigiriya Damsels’which is also called ‘Sigiri Apsaras’ is painted in a cavity inside the rock. If you’re looking for a hotel in Sigiriya, Sri Lanka close to this attraction, consider staying at The Paradise Resort & Spa from where visiting the Lion Rock will take 24 minutes.

Pidurangala hike

Climbing the Pidurangala rock is another memorable experience when you are in Dambulla. Once you reach the summit of the rock, you can enjoy the 360-degree views of surrounding valleys as well as the Sigiriya Rock.

What to expect

Once visited Dambulla, you will certainly get to know its rich history, grandeur, and sanctity. The excellence of Buddhist statuary and religious art has made Dambulla a UNESCO world heritage site. View the amazing sunrise at Pidurangala and the gorgeous sunset on the top of Sigiriya rock for a memorable day in Dambulla!

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