Sinharaja: An Amazing Rainforest of Sri Lanka – Combing Lush Green Terrains

If you possess an unquenchable thirst to meet and greet endemic animal species, head over to the Sinharaja Rainforest in Sri Lanka for an enthralling experience. Do read on to know more facts.


Staying true to its name, the Sinharaja Forest which means the ‘Lion Kingdom’, is an important biodiversity reserve in Sri Lanka. It is home to more than 50% of endemic species including mammals, butterflies as well as many kinds of insects and reptiles. In 1988, this forest became a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its exceptional geological features. Many tourists tend to experience and explore this treasure trove bursting with diverse species of flora and fauna.

Greenery and scenery

It’s amazing to see how scintillating beams of sunlight fall dramatically through the canopy of dense trees and over rugged rocks. The huge trees that are clad in exotic ferns and winding lianas wrapped around the base of trees add extra charm and beauty to the forest. This natural wonderland is alive with the incessant chirpings of birds, gurgling creeks and the rustling sound of leaves.

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Before commencing your journeys in this part of the country, do take note of the available accommodation options. Among the many Sri Lanka luxury resorts the likes of Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort, you will come across as an excellent venue from where holidaymakers can map out an escape to discover the hidden natural wonders of this breathtaking rainforest.

Going in

During your tour around the forest, you are ensured to fall in love with the astounding nature. Whether it is for bird watching or Sinharaja Rainforest camping, you are ensured to gather memories for a lifetime.

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The Amazing City of Kalutara – An Enchanting Island Escape

The city through which the brilliant Kalu Ganga winds its way through is none other than Kalutara. Thrilling water sports, exciting adventures, and rich culture are all about this charming coastal town.

Gangatilake Stupa

When travelling to the south-west coast of Sri Lanka, you’ll come across one of the most picturesque Buddhist sites in the country which is called the Gangatilake Stupa. This huge white Dagoba captures the attention of everyone due to its majestic stature. During the colonial times, this religious site was used as a residence and a fort. When in Kalutara, this will be the perfect place to enjoy some quietude and an atmosphere of sanctity.

Richmond Castle

At first glance, the regal Richmond Castle features a splendid architectural fusion of structural design from east and west. Built in the 19th Century, this castle is not all about its imposing exterior grounds or surrounding beauty but also an amazing fusion of history and grandeur too. For those residing at one of the many hotels in Kalutara the likes of Anantara Kalutara Resort, it’s a 16-minute drive to this monumental historic site.

Basket Centre

The locals in the area have found a rather creative use for palm leaves. It’s indeed a wonderful experience to see how palm leaves and twigs are weaved together and ultimately end up in cool colourful products such as mats, hats, and baskets. Visit the Basket Centre located in the heart of the town for a whole new experience.

The beach

Travelling to Kalutara is not satisfying enough unless one makes a visit to the amazing Kalutara beach! Don’t forget to try out some exhilarating water sports like diving, snorkelling as you head over to the beach.

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Top Tourist Attractions in Kalutara – A Picturesque Seaside Holiday Destination!

Kalutara is a laid-back holiday destination famous for its relaxing atmosphere and long golden stretches of fine beaches, situated just 42 km away from Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka.

Brief Garden

Created by world-renowned Sri Lankan architect Bevis Bawa, Brief Garden in Lunuganaga is a 1-hour drive away from Kalutara. A truly enchanting place, the garden and the bungalow feature a hedonistic mix of traditional Ceylonese and colonial influence. Entrance is LKR 1000 after which visitors are free to wander around at their leisure.

Richmond Castle

A place of grandeur, Richmond Castle was the former home of a wealthy landowner, which was built during the turn of the century. Situated on the Kalutara – Palatota Road, the castle is among the most popular places to visit in Kalutara.

Pahiyangala Caves

Once the home of prehistoric cavemen, some 37,000 years ago, the Pahiyangala Caves located in the remote village of Yatagampityia, is known to be among the most ancient primal settlements in the whole of Asia and can be reached easily from many hotels in the Kalutara including the likes of Anantara Kalutara Resort.

Beruwala Lighthouse

A choppy ten-minute boat ride from the mainland to Barberyn Island will ensure that visitors get the chance to take a closer look at the fully functioning lighthouse which was completed in 1889. Visitors, however, are not allowed to enter the lighthouse but do get free reign to wander around the secluded island.

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