The Quintessential Paradise, Tangalle – A Magical Locality to Explore

The seaside town of Tangalle is sure to capture the imagination of the visitor with its various attractions. You will find pleasant beaches and interesting things to do in this coastal town.

Relax at the Beach

You will find a number of appealing beaches in the environs of Tangalle, but most of them despite being attractive are not suitable for swimming. Therefore take the opportunity to relax at Goyambokka Beach where you can enjoy quality leisure time. When it comes to Tangalle hotels, a choice to consider from which this beach may be easily reached would be Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort which has a private shoreline too.

Turtle Watching at Rekawa

Nature and wildlife lovers will appreciate the opportunity to undertake a tour to observe sea turtles at Rekawa Beach. Green, hawksbill, loggerhead, leatherback and olive ridley turtles can be spotted at this beach.

Mulkirigala Rock Temple

If you have an interest in cultural sites and religious attractions, make it a point to visit the Mulkirigala Rock Temple. Here you will find a number of caves in which you will encounter a number of Buddha statues and wall paintings.

Kayaking in Tangalle Lagoon

You will have the opportunity to engage in a number of water activities in Tangalle, including diving and surfing. An entirely different kind of experience may be enjoyed if you choose to go kayaking in the local lagoon; whilst kayaking you will also be able to view the interesting wildlife.

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Two-Week Sri Lanka Itinerary – Explore a Paradise on Earth!

Both trodden and untrodden paths of Sri Lanka feature an abundance of adventure and intrigue to call out the thrill seeker within you. Here are some experiences you should not miss.


Where else to begin your journeys in Sri Lanka than at one of its most treasured beaches? Just a few kilometres north of the international airport, Colombo lies the beach town of Negombo. Negombo beach is perfect for long relaxing strolls. Sunsets are strikingly spectacular and shouldn’t be missed. You’ll also spot many colonial remnants like the Hamilton Canal and the Negombo Dutch Fort.

The Cultural Triangle

Combining Kandy to the south-west, Anuradhapura to the north and Polonnaruwa to the east, Sri Lanka’s famous cultural triangle features many attractions to spice up your holiday. It showcases some of the fascinating monuments, huge lakes and Buddha statues hewn out of solid granite that have made tourists spellbound! There will be no better place to know the glory of ancient Sri Lanka!


The western shores of Sri Lanka are popular among tourists for they provide delightful experiences and encounters with golden sands and crashing waves. A visit to the Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery can be planned from whichever Bentota resort in the area such as AVANI Bentota Resort & Spa from where visiting the turtle hatchery is just a 12-minute drive. It will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness the releasing of baby hatchlings out into the sea!

Ceylon Tea Museum – Kandy

Sri Lankans are known for their obsession with tea drinking and right here at the Ceylon Tea Museum in Kandy, you will be able to enjoy a cuppa amidst beautiful views of lush greenery that lead out to the magic of the Knuckles.

Fritzjames Stephen is a travel writer, who writes content based on the myriad of experiences and indulgences that the world has to offer travellers across all walks of life. Google+

The Barberyn Island and its Wonderful Lighthouse – The Glory of Legacy!

Beruwala is a beautiful coastal city steeped in centuries of history. The remains of history can be seen everywhere and one such attraction is the Beruwala Lighthouse.


Also known as the Barberyn Lighthouse, the Beruwala Lighthouse is an important historical highlight in Sri Lanka. The history of this lighthouse dates back to 1889 and it is located in the picturesque Barberyn Island. It will take only a 10-minute boat ride to reach the island. Once you reach the top, you’ll be able to enjoy the incredible aerial views of the Beruwala Beach and the surroundings.

The area

The majority of the area around the lighthouse is covered with Plumeria flowers, mango and cashew trees and coconut trees. Exotic birds, insects, and reptiles roaming freely in the island is indeed a beautiful sight to behold. This grand and yellow tower stand majestically 30 metres above the sea level. This lighthouse was called the ‘traffic sign at sea’ since it was once served navigational aid.


Before commencing your journeys in this part of the world, do take note of the available accommodation facilities. Amongst many Bentota hotels in the area, Cinnamon Bey Beruwala will come across as an excellent venue from where holidaymakers like you can map out an escape to witness the beauty of Bentota from up high!

Things to see

Once you reach the place, you’ll be able to witness many ruins that belong to the British era. For instance, the old clay roofed hut was once used as the bar for the lighthouse keepers. The large open windows of the lighthouse show the influence of British architectural elements.

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