Best Spa treatments in Bali – Balinese treatments to revitalize your body and soul

Touring the holiday destinations that you’ve planned for yourself day in and day out on your vacation may not sound tiring, but those who’ve actually experienced travel would know the toll it takes on your body. What you need at that very moment is to treat your tired muscles to a rejuvenating spa treatment!

Spa Treatments | Image Credit: <a href="">IQP</a>, <a href="">Spa Picture</a>, <a href="" rel="license">CC BY-SA 3.0</a>

Spa Treatments | Image Credit: IQP, Spa Picture, CC BY-SA 3.0

Deep tissue massage

Bali is well-known for the deep tissue massage that includes mild kneading, yoga stretches and acupressure techniques. Moreover, therapeutic oils like coconut oil mixed with sandalwood, hibiscus and lemongrass are applied to the body. Find this treatment in hotels like Holiday Inn Resort Baruna Bali which has a spa in Kuta Bali that caters to non-guests as well.

Hot stone massage

If what you seek is a stress relief, the massage that will help the most is a hot stone massage. This is where aromatherapy oils are massaged into the body after exfoliation. Hot stones are placed in specific points to help release tension. Lastly, the therapy ends with a refreshing scalp massage.

Inner balance treatment

This treatment brings tranquilly to the body as well as the soul. Engage in an Anahata Chakra Ceremony that wards away negativity and gives you inner peace. Afterwards, be treated to a damask rose scrub with various other rose oils and balms that will soothe the mind and body.

Posture mending massage

A Balinese massage is not always about rejuvenating your body. This particular massage fixes up your incorrect posture by focusing on areas such as shoulders, spine and neck. None the less, an array of calming oils and herbs are used to revitalize your body as well.

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