Simian Mountain Scenic Area – a nature lover’s nirvana

China is home to some of most pristine, serene landscapes in the world, and a stellar example of this natural abundance is the Simian Mountain Scenic Area, a stunning expanse stretching over 23,000 hectares and situated in close proximity to the city of Jiangjin. A perfect complement in terms of heavenly Chongqing apartment accommodation can be found at an array of hotel apartments nearby, such as those featured at the Somerset JieFangBie Chongqing. With a central location that affords easy travel access to many of the sights inside and outside the city, a Chongqing serviced apartment here is sure to provide you with a convenient hospitality base for exploring the wonders of the region. When time permits, take a break from the concrete jungle and venture into a verdant wonder nearby, the Simian Mountain Scenic Area, whose crystal-clear lakes, majestic waterfalls and quaint temples prove a popular draw for tourists each year. These charming elements are scattered over an impressive area extending to 23,000 hectares, so crowds are never a problem for those wanting some welcome time to commune with nature. The climate is cool and spring-like, which will make any hike here a refreshing and invigorating excursion. As far as the elevation goes to give you a sense of scale, the lowest elevation is 560 metres above sea level and the pinnacle of the mountain rises to a majestic 1,709 metres. Tourists are enchanted by the silver waterfalls that snake through the verdant forest, infusing the landscape with fresh life and vigour. So explore this forgotten paradise to be transported to a true Eden on earth.


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Revel in the true joys of nature at the Simian Mountain Scenic Area

The Simian Mountain scenic area can be described as a site that has remained as a secret to many even today. Located in Jiangjin, more than 100 kilometres from Chongqing, it is always wise to look for a Chongqing Serviced Apartment to experience in full what this scenic location has got to offer. Somerset JieFangBei Chongqing, among many apartments in Chongqing Prime District is one of the most popular ones chosen by many a wandering traveller.

In order to get to this breathtaking location, a lengthy tour in bus must be made. However this is not an issue as there are daily buses to this area because of the increased interest in its enchanting beauty. The surrounding hills hide many an attraction within its misty depths and it is indeed an intriguing journey into these hills. This area is quite known for its profusion of waterfalls, as many as 100 waterfalls scattered about the place. Among these, some must visit spots would be Wangxiangtai , Shuikou Temple, big and small Hong Hai, land rock, Wolong groove, Wen Zhai, perlas, l., Dragon Temple, gray Chibaya murals, percussion hole, Prince Edward Cave and view towards the source.


Simian Mountain Scenic Area

Travelers exploring china never miss out the Simian Mountain Scenic Area located in the city of Jiangjin stretched over 23,000 hectares. The area consists of waterfalls, primeval forest lakes, streams, hills etc. The amazing mild climate around the mountains gives out a cooling atmosphere for dense growth of a primitive green broad-leaved forest and also for those who visit the forest. Simian Mountain forest is known as the only forest in the same category in the entire globe. 
The highest peak of the mountain is 1709 meters above sea level and the lowest elevation of 560 meters. This area is popular among the tourists as it includes more than 100 large and small waterfalls in 23 groups scattered over the scenic spots. Those who visit to explore these scenic landscapes in the forest can stay at Chongqing Hotel Apartments for great facilities and convenient hospitalities. The Chonqing Serviced Apartment consist of large spaced areas with solid fittings is ideal for those who travel with families and friends. Somerset JieFangBei Chongqing residences located in the heart of Chongqing provide easy access to many tourist destinations.