Must see tourist attractions in Kowloon – A City So Lively

You’ll find Kowloon in the northern part of Hong Kong. Kowloon offers more than just an amazing nightlife and shopping, it has a curious cultural mix between the British and the Chinese. Don’t miss out on the unique photography opportunities!

File:Kowloon Park 201008.jpg

Baycrest, Kowloon Park 201008, CC BY-SA 2.5

Temple street market

The Temple street market is known to be the liveliest and largest in Hong Kong. This street is roughly a stretch of a kilometre, full of tiny shops to shop and dine in. The best place to put your bargaining skills to test for all sorts of items, from footwear to homeware, Temple street night market isn’t too far from any budget hotel in Hong Kong, such as the likes of Silka Tsuen Wan, which is only 19 minutes away by car.

Nan Lian Garden and Chi Lin Nunnery

Resembling architecture from China’s Tang dynasty, Chi Lin Nunnery is a temple that offers peace and tranquillity among the busy streets of Hong Kong. Nan Lian Garden, situated adjacent to the temple, is a public park also modelled after the Tang dynasty.

Symphony of lights

The largest and grandest show of lights, as per Guinness World Records, is the Hong Kong Symphony of Lights. The show consists of five main themes, with interactive lights from 45 buildings coming together to create a synchronised vision of music and colour.

The Avenue of Stars

Similar to the Hollywood walk of fame, The Avenue of Stars honours the great contributors to the local film industry. The avenue highlights the golden age of China’s film industry. The 440-metre promenade is in honour of the international popularity the Hong Kong film industry attained and was built in 2004.


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