Things you Should Know about Sigiriya – Fun Facts and More

Being a mammoth rock that was carved into the shape of a lion, Sigiriya is a mighty sight for anyone and offers an adventure-filled experience.


Built back in the 5th century by King Kasyapa, this ancient fortress on top of a mammoth rock served the sole purpose of warning him of surprise enemy attacks while they were still miles away. After the King passed away, it became a Buddhist monastery and later on, was abandoned for unknown reasons and what remains of this once mighty site can be seen today.


Being a major tourist attraction on the island, the town does not come up short in having the best accommodations and as for food, any Sigiriya restaurant will serve you authentic Sri Lankan food too. If you are staying at a hotel like Sigiriya Jungles, for instance, there will be an onsite restaurant too.

Image Credit: Sigiriya Jungles

Going up

Climbing up the stairs that lead to the remains of the palaces, lakes, ponds, pools, fountains and extravagant gardens above; you’d also get an amazing view of the jungles below. On a clear, cloudless day, you will be able to look for miles ahead, and the view is jaw-dropping indeed.


When in Sri Lanka, Sigiriya is a must visit as it is also one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites on the island.

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