Sea Life around Seychelles – The creatures of the crystal blue waters of Seychelles

Seychelles is an archipelago, well known for its sun-kissed beaches and turquoise blue waters and one of the most loved honeymoon and tourist destinations in the world. The sea surrounding the islands is rich in biodiversity and it is home for a number of marine creatures. Read on to know more about the Sea Life around in Seychelles.

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The tropical oceans surrounding Seychelles is rich in planktons and other small sea creatures that in turn attract small fishes and big fishes that feed on the small fishes. This food chain makes the ocean teeming with marine life that includes a wide range of game fishes and sea creatures like squids, turtles, jellyfishes and even whales.


Among the uncommon sea creatures found in Seychelles, turtles have an important place. Two of the rare turtle species that can be spotted in Seychelles is the green turtle and the hawksbill turtle both of these turtles are considered an endangered species. The bird island in Seychelles is a protected reserve and a safe haven for these turtles and you can see and even swim with them if you are lucky.

Whales and Dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins are the most commonly found dolphin species in the seas of Seychelles. Seeing these friendly and highly intelligent creatures will definitely be an exciting experience. You can also see another sea mammal on your trip to Seychelles that is the magnificent humpback whales. These gentle giants can be seen between the months of October to November.

Seeing these creatures

A wide range of Corals can also be witnessed in the seas of Seychelles you can see them by getting on to a glass bottom boat or diving directly into the water with a snorkel. You can also sign up for a whale watching carter that can take you to deep seas where you can see the humpbacks and the playful dolphins.

Accommodation options

Seychelles being a tropical tourist destination is home to a number of exquisite hotels and resorts. If you are interested in seeing these wondrous creatures, one of the accommodation options worth considering on your trip is a renowned hotel in Praslin Seychelles, the likes of Berjaya Praslin Resort.


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Vacationing in Seychelles – Beach Destination Holidays

Situated in the Indian Ocean, this archipelago of 115 islands is one of the best beach destinations in the world. Read on to know why.

About Seychelles

When British explorers found the place many years ago, they thought they had stepped into the Garden of Eden by accident; it was that beautiful.

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Tristan Denyer (BTDenyer at en.wikipedia), Seychelles ocean view, marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons


One of the main sources of income in the country is tourism, with yearly visitors to Seychelles increasing over time. Even popular names like Prince William and Kate Middleton love vacationing on these islands.


Booking a Seychelles beach resort is a hassle free job, as the country has many luxury resorts to offer the likes of AVANI Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa. Based on your vacation needs, you can book your stay at the hotel or resort of your choice.

Things to do

Being a luxury vacation destination, golfing is a much-loved activity in Seychelles. When you are on the islands, take a look at the gold clubs in the area and try your hand at this gentleman’s game! The capital of Seychelles, Victoria also has a lot to offer, and if you set aside a day to look around, that would suffice. The capital can be found on the island named Male.

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Everything you Need to Know Before Visiting Seychelles – Paradise on Earth; Seychelles

Located in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is an archipelago of islands and it is home to turquoise blue sea and some of the world’s most beautiful white sand beaches. The country can be simply identified as the true paradise on earth and here are some things you need to remember when you are visiting these exotic and enchanting islands.

The Currency and Exchange Rates

You can’t get your hands on its currency until you arrive here. But gladly popular currencies like Euro USD and GPB can be used here but be mindful of the exchange rates and remember that you’ll receive the balance in Seychelles rupees so always double check the calculations.

Getting around in Seychelles

The best way to explore the mainland on your own pace is by renting a car or a bike if you do not bother much about the money you can also use the public transport but it is slow and uncomfortable. You can, of course, explore other islands by foot, a man of them are really small in size. Moreover, the Islanders are very friendly and there is no threat whatsoever for tourist. But stay vigilant when you need to and enjoy your stay.

Other important things

Almost all the things you buy here are imported and pricey and in some instances the food items here tend to be expired goods so it is mandatory to check the expiry dates before you buy things here and next the food here is not appreciably good and it is ridiculously expensive so you need to be mindful when selecting restaurants for dining. It also gets dark very quickly in Seychelles so make sure you start your day early. Even though the hotels here are a bit pricey you can find good hotels like the AVANI Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa which will be worth the money you spend and will be convenient Seychelles beach resort.

Climate and Ocean

Here at Seychelles, the tropical Sun is very intensive and the temperatures may spike up to 32 degrees so it is recommended that you use proper sunscreens to protect yourselves from sunburns. The ocean around seashells has pretty strong currents never venture too far in the sea and never swim alone remember your safety should be your first priority.

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