Sightseeing in Shenyang – explore the sights and sounds of Shenyang

A city that rings with history, charm, and scenic beauty, Shenyang is a premier destination for those looking to an intriguing alternative for a vacation. First, you will want to find a Shenyang serviced apartment that allows you the freedom and flexibility to move around the area with ease, whilst having a welcome “home away from home” to retreat to. The Somerset Heping Shenyang is one noteworthy option of a luxury and central serviced apartment Shenyang features for all its visitors.

Ensure you start off your sightseeing tours of the city with a visit to the majestic Shenyang Imperial Palace, which only rivals the Forbidden City in terms of grandeur and significance. Next up is the Zhaoling Tomb, imbued with the history of the ages. The Zhaoling Mausoleum is approximately 350 years old, and it is an exquisite blend of the specialized Han and Manchu architectural elements for a splendid finish. Nestled in the eastern part of the city is the Qipanshan Scenic Area, for all you nature lovers and ardent tree huggers. With a beautiful lake and pristine emerald greenery unfolding around you, the term “paradise on earth” never seemed so apt. The Botanical Gardens is sublime for an afternoon stroll as you soak up the exotic shades of more than 1,700 varieties of plants sourced locally and from around the world. The Meteorite Mountain Park features the wonders of the cosmos, with a 2,000,000 tone meteorite that is 4.5 billion years old. Whatever your pleasure, Shenyang delivers!