Relaxing Yoga Therapies – a soothing holiday

Sometimes holidays are purely for relaxing and rejuvenating oneself after a few hectic months or weeks at work. For the holidaymaker who wants to relax and unwind before getting back home to the busy life, a holiday at a wellness spa would be the best kind of treat. There are numerous spas and resorts across the globe offering yoga retreats and spa holidays. They provide various therapies ranging from simple manicures, pedicures to more complicated Ayurveda and healing therapies. There are many eastern medicine practices at these resorts and guests can surely be rejuvenated after a holiday.

There are many types of yoga, pilates, massage therapies, facials, skin care routines and other treatments to choose from depending on the need. Long term aches and pains can be treated by yoga and the Ayurveda specialists at these resorts will help guests identify the kind of yoga that is required to address the needs of each individual. They may range from five day practice sessions to changing diets and cuisines since they are results oriented will address many minor aches and pains within a short span of time. There are many stretching and other exercises to help one gain awareness of the mind, body and soul.

There are also healers staying at these resorts that will guide visitors and even perform ritualistic treatments to address spiritual healing of those who wish to cleanse one’s spirit. These treatments range from a water temple purification ceremony to traditional Balinese healing and one can be sure to feel purified and fresh after a spiritual healing session. Hydrotherapy is another facility that is available for those who are looking for therapeutic healing during a holiday. Pure water rich in minerals are used for massages to heal and treat many causes of discomfort.

In addition there are also facial and body care ranging from beauty treatments and exfoliation which are available for holidaymakers spending time at a Wellness retreat. One of the finest Health and wellness retreats is COMO Shambhala and they have a number of retreats to choose from depending on the requirements of each individual.

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