A Weekend Getaway to Pasikuda – A Locality With Many Attractions

Pasikuda is a splendid destination for a weekend getaway as it is a captivating locality with numerous attractions for the visitor. It has secured a reputation as a popular tourist destination with many visitors from across the globe frequenting the area. Featuring magnificent beaches and appealing natural scenery Pasikuda is always an engrossing place to visit. On your visit to the area, stay at a quality Pasikuda hotel such as the Maalu Maalu Resort & Spa. This fine resort which is a part of Theme Resorts & Spas, offers charming accommodations and many attractive features so as to provide a memorable stay.

Pasikuda is an area with many attractions, ranging from picturesque sunny beaches to enjoyable water sports. The local ocean waters are clear and shimmering, providing visitors with a wonderful location to enjoy a refreshing dip in the sea. Pasikuda beach is renowned for its expanse of gleaming golden sands and turquoise ocean waters that create the ideal environment to spend carefree leisure hours. You will find that the waters at Pasikuda beach are comparatively shallow, making it possible for visitors to wade into the sea for some distance.

If you enjoy water sports Pasikuda will not disappoint in this regard as you will find a number of exciting options in the area. Surfing is a local highlight with many enthusiasts indulging in this activity in the waters of Pasikuda. Snorkelling and diving are enjoyable pastimes in this area which features coral reefs and attractive undersea scenery. Windsurfing, jet skiing and water-skiing are other activities that you can enjoy here.

If on the other hand you are interested in cultural and sightseeing attractions, you may visit highlights such as Habarana, Trincomalee and Batticaloa with its well-known Dutch Fort. Travellers can also visit other interesting localities in the region, such as Kalkuda beach and Kallady beach. With so much to see and experience a weekend getaway to Pasikuda is sure to be a memorable experience irrespective of your tastes or preferences.

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Holiday in Johor Bahru – The Perfect Weekend Getaway

How does a day full of shopping, dining & clubbing sound? What if there was a place where you could buy your favourite products at half the cost, try out mouth watering food from around the world and of course party the night away; sounds like your idea of the perfect weekend? Well the good news is, such a place does exist. Welcome to Johor Bahru in Malaysia!

Where is this amazing destination you may ask? Well Johor Bahru or “JB” as it’s fondly referred to sits right near the border of Singapore (about 5 mins from the causeway link) and has its own ferry terminal too. In fact it has become a popular shopping destination amongst Singaporeans themselves who flock here on shopping sprees.

Since the city has a duty free zone you don’t have to worry about limiting your hunt for bargains to just the airport duty free shops. It’s not just one shop here either, but rather huge shopping malls and centres with everything imaginable. Designer fashion, liquor, branded perfumes, cosmetics, handicrafts, electronics and not forgetting row upon row of chocolates are all on offer at amazingly low discount prices; ideal for buying gifts to take back home or even to spoil yourself!


Fried Chicken Burger with Cheese and Fries on the side at Berjaya Waterfront Hotel

Plaza Kotaraya, ZON Johor Bahru, Pelangi Leisure Mall and Plaza Angsana are some of the shopping centres worth checking out though do shop around and look for the best deals. Once you have had your shopping fill look to get some rest before heading out to enjoy the nightlife. Makes sense to try find a Johor Bahru hotel that offers easy access to the duty free shops and the city’s nightlife venues since you should look to minimise the time taken to get around.

A convenient choice would be Berjaya Waterfront Hotel Johor Bahru which offers easy access to the ferry terminal and is surrounded by quite a few clubs and bars too. The hotel itself has comfy rooms for a good night’s sleep after dancing the night away and has its own bar like venue called The Club. You can beginning your evening here and for starters consider trying the yummylicious fried chicken burger with fries and of course some colourful cocktails. There’s a pool table and live music too and it’s a great place to unwind.

But of course you may also want to go on a bar hopping tour of the city or just dance; in which case head outdoors and explore! There are plenty of sports pubs if you want to catch your favourite game, though ‘party people’ may prefer the more music oriented venues. The Fun Zon complex is a good place to start for you will find several clubs here. Other clubbing hotspots include Dolce Dance Club, The Grindhouse Club, Aruku The Walk and AquaSonic JB.

Once you are done, make sure you get in some good sleep and then look to do it all over again; yes Johor Bahru is definitely the place to visit!

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Visit to Kalutara

Ever woken up from a dream so blissful and wondered when to make your next stop at Kalutara? Oh yes! Kalutara is one top-of the line cities Sri Lanka has on offer for those holiday-makers looking out for a taste of some sensational cultural charm. To begin with I should most certainly recommend the Kalutara Bodhi which is quite a spectacle of its own owing to it milky white appearance embodying the piety of the majority Bhuddist population of the country. The Boh Tree encircling this shrine is a sapling from the Sri Maha Bhodhi. Dating back to 1942, this was built under the patronage of Ven. Aththadassi Medankara Thero. Making your way out of the temple if you want an essence of intrigue then the place you are looking for is Pahiyangala. The Mahavamsa states that a Bhuddist Thero named Pahiyan a Chinese national took refuge in this cave which is today identified as the highest cave in Sri Lanka. To top it off it’s quite a surprise to state that this very cave can hold 3000 persons at a time. Nevertheless, all these curiosities must be enjoyed with easy access from the best Kalutara Hotel. And so there is never a better place to take refuge than at the AVANI Kalutara Resort & Spa for it is one of the foremost leading hospitality providers who grant every visitor a tailor-made experience of guaranteed luxury and easy access to all places of interest.
Kalutara, is a wonder of its own. Surrounded by the blue glistening waters on one side and land on the other this place is where locals and foreigners alike make their way to for an adventure filled tour. Kalutara is place to be witnessed by yourself; don’t procrastinate; head over to this beautiful City right away.

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