Mui Ne Fishing Village – A Charming Coastal Escape

Want to take a trip to the coast, experience some local culture and try some truly delectable seafood too? If you are planning a holiday to Vietnam, then such an experience awaits at the Mui Ne Fishing Village!

Where can it be found?

This charming village by the sea can be found at Mui Ne Bay’s northern end. It lies around 07 km from Mui Ne Town and is easy to reach from Phan Thiet hotels as well. In order to get there, you can look to travel via motorbike, car or even a bicycle, depending on where you are staying.

File:Fishing village (14429033158).jpg

Erwin Verbruggen from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Fishing village (14429033158)CC BY-SA 2.0

Best time to visit

To truly immerse yourself in the coastal beauty surrounding Mui Ne Fishing Village, the best time to visit is probably early mornings. This is the time when local fishermen return with their night’s catch and the area is a hub of activity. Alternatively, late afternoon is also a good time to head there.

Highlights that await

Bring your cameras or phones along cause there is plenty to capture; the fishermen sorting their daily haul of fish and crabs on the beach and the bay dotted with colourful vessels including the traditional round shaped boat known as the coracle. Certain resorts like Anantara Mui Ne Resort even give you the chance to head out with fishermen in a coracle boat to try some fishing for yourself!

Image Credit: Anantara Mui Ne Resort

Foodie delights

Of course, no visit is complete without sampling some of the delicious seafood on offer. There are plenty of restaurants and food carts along the shore serving grilled seafood and other local delicacies worth trying out.

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