Oman’s underwater charm; Snorkeling in Oman – Snorkel your way through an underwater paradise!

Oman is a nation that is blessed with an impressive coastline and a pristine ocean surrounding it. The beaches offer a variety of things to do for its visitors and snorkelling is one of them. Read on to know more about snorkelling in Oman.

man snorkling underwater


The crystal clear oceans of Oman support a variety of marine life including vibrant corals, reef fish, turtles, crustaceans and so much more making it an idyllic destination for snorkelling. One could even swim along these amazing creatures upon plunging into the oceans with their snorkel.

Where to do snorkelling

There is a huge network of Diving sites and snorkelling spots around there are also a myriad of dive schools which are run by European and American expats. You could rent snorkelling gear at surf shops that are located on popular beaches. Speaking of the destinations, you could do snorkelling in the beaches of Muskat, Musandam, Daymaniyat Islands and many other beach destinations.

Accommodation Options

Since beaches and snorkelling destinations are some of the most sought over Oman attractions, there are plenty of accommodation options located at close proximity to them. Located in the coastal city of Salalah, Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara is an accommodation option worth considering since it is also located close to the beach.

Snorkelling conditions

The ocean temperature around Oman is very comfortable even during winter months the average temperature of the sea will be around 28 degree Celcius during the summer months it gets warmer. The best times to visit here is from November to January when the visibility and the water temperatures are ideal.

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Everything You Need to Know about Oman – An Arabian Wonderland

A destination that brings to life the fantasies of 101 Arabian Nights, Oman, is a country where the essence of Arabian culture is present in the very air you’re breathing in. Given below are a few interesting things to know about Oman.

Easy and safe to get about

The country certainly has a good network of roads making it easy to find your way around. The locals and immigrants speak English, so, feel free to ask for directions. It can be easily said that Oman is the safest Arabian country that values peace above all.

Best time to visit

The weather in Oman is the conventional Arabian weather pattern. Summers are extremely hot while winters are mild. The weather during the winter, which occurs from October to February is very enjoyable. It is less tiring to get out and about in cool weather.

Exploring Oman

The main cities have great public transport services. However, the same can’t be said for the rural areas. The easiest way to explore Oman is to rent a car (with a driver if necessary). This will help you get the best experience.

Accommodation options

In Oman, there are several high-class resorts such as Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort which is one of the hotels in Nizwa. Boutique hotels are available as well. Although, backpackers may not have a wide array of options here.

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Damask Roses at Jabal Al Akdhar – In Search of Oman’s Finest Damask Roses…

Have you ever walked along terraces with the fragrance and beauty of magnificent roses all around? If you are holidaying in Oman visit the Rose gardens at Al Jabal al Akhdar.


The Rose Gardens at Al Jabal al Akhdar features a large number of roses which are grown in terraced gardens in Al Jabal al Akhdar. The lush landscapes in the Green Mountain of Oman provide a fertile ground for thousands of damask roses. Ones visited this place, you will be amazed to witness the spectacular sight of colourful roses cascaded down the mountain slopes.

The special ritual

During the months of March and April, millions of roses blossom while spreading their rich fragrance all around the countryside. The villagers in Al Jabal al Akhdar pluck all the rose petals, collect them in a sheet of cloth and the collected bundles are taken to extraction units. This popular ritual is mostly done during the rose season in order to produce rose water.


Before commencing your journey in this part of the world, it’s important to take note of available accommodation facilities. Amongst many an Oman resort in the area, Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort will come across as an excellent venue from where you can map out an escape to view the awe-inspiring Rose Gardens of Al Jabal al Akhdar.

What to see

Different kinds of pink damasked roses delight the tourists who visit the garden. The “Mountain Flower” is a beautiful flower grown in this garden and it is similar to Levantine roses. In addition, this garden is famous for its ‘walnut flowers’ and ‘apricot flowers’.

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