Shopping Experience in Negombo – Everything you need in a one small town.

Colombo International airport

Colombo International airport | shankar s. , Flickr ,  (CC BY 2.0)

Besides the spellbinding beach views and palatable dishes, Negombo is also popular for shopping. Here’s a breakdown of the shopping experience offered by this little town.

Last minute clothes shopping

Negombo is only minutes away from the Bandaranaike Airport thus is the best place to get everything you need before the start of your trip to this exotic island, from beachwear to summer hats and etc. Shopping centers like Fashion Bug, LUV SL and Molly Boulevard are some the options you can choose from in Negombo.

Last minute souvenir shopping

In Negombo Sri Lanka, hotels offer gift shops with a collection of stunning jewelry and souvenirs. Ranging from leather bags, pouches, wooden elephants, seashell souvenirs and so much more, Negombo will help you find the perfect gift. Apart from hotel gift shops, LUV SL and 4 Seasons are other places with some nice stuff.

The fish market

The Negombo fish market is an impressive sight as it is right on the beach and in close proximity of most beach hotels such as Hotel J Negombo. Thus if you want to taste freshly caught exotic seafood, this is where you should go. The prices in the market are also quite reasonable and are often negotiable.

Tea shopping

Ceylon tea is known around the world for its exotic flavour and classic texture and is definitely worth taking back from your trip. Get your hands on some of Sri Lanka’s best tea at Tea Zone, O.K Negombo Craft Jeweller or Dewon Tea Shop.


St Mary’s Church in Negombo – A holy fortress in the heart of Negombo.


By Rudolph.A.furtado (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

The St Mary’s Church been a major religious monument in the city of Negombo, is one of the largest cathedrals of Sri Lanka. This is a Roman Catholic Church with a rich history of 140 years, thus is a major tourist and pilgrim hotspot of the island.

Build prior to the 16th century, this is a majestic edifice elaborate with religious depictions painted across the ceiling. The church is located in the grand street of Negombo town and is twenty six minutes away from the Katunayaka International airport. This makes it easily accessible from any of the Colombo airport hotels or resorts, some of which are close to the Negombo Beach such as Jetwing Blue.

The church has the epic feel of an ancient cathedral on the onset with lean pillars on both sides and great ivory walls. Indoors is a grand and serene prayer room with more ivory pillars and beautiful statuettes of red and gold angels placed alongside the prayer space. This is a long praying space decorated with ancient architecture. It is filled with benches for pilgrims to sit on, during services.

The outside of the aisle is packed with vibrant religious statuettes dispersed throughout. The magnificent and intricately detailed sculpture of Mother Mary being made the queen of the heavens, placed in the end of the aisle is picturesque sight to see. The charming paintings of Mother Mary, god and angels painted gracefully across the ceiling are of course the highlight if the premises.

Next to the church, stands a small beautiful building with a remarkable central portrayal of Christ. The building is surrounded by stained striking glass windows which is a delightful sight in the evening as the light falls through the glass. This is an area visited by guests and pilgrims in the afternoon when the main church is closed.

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Negombo Lagoon Safari – A rejuvenating journey through nature.

The Negombo lagoon placed within the Gampaha district is quite possibly the biggest estuarine lagoon in South-west Sri Lanka. Negombo is Located only a one-hour drive away from Colombo and is a major tourist hotspot of the country due to the regal cutch architecture, the majestic churches, the beach of course the iconic Negombo lagoon.

The hotel road is known for its numerous choice of restaurants, bars and seaside hotels such as Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions, thus guaranteeing you a comfortable stay during your trip to Negombo. Things to do in this city range from lazing out by the beach, visiting the historical monuments in the area and going on a Lagoon safari.
The lagoon meets the sea via a small channel towards the north of the Negombo town. With an area of 3164 hectares the lagoon is surrounded by Mangroove swamps. A safari is usually a tour around the lagoon and the neighbouring Muthurawajawela Marsh. This marsh together with the lagoon forms a much larger coastal wetland ecosystem.
A range of safari providers can be found for affordable prices in the proximity of the lagoon. Some hotels also organsie safaris for in-house guest. Pick a suitable based on your convenience.
Apart from the densely populated mangroves the lagoon has small grasslands situated incidentally. The waters of the lagoon contain exotic aquatic life, exclusive to mangrove ecosystems such as; the Mangrove Jack. It is also an ideal spot for bird watching as it is home a variety of bird species such as; Terns, ‘Cormorants’, ‘Gulls’, ‘Egrets’, ‘Herns’, ‘Bitterns’ and ‘Common Moorhens’. Saltwater crocodiles are said to pass through the waters when travelling towards the inland. If you are lucky you may be able to catch a glimpse of Toque monkeys hoping on branches in adjoining mangroves as it is rare species that might appear in the area from time to time.

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