Sightseeing in Mongkok – Places to experience in Mongkok

You may find it odd that there is someone out there who would like to sightsee the busy, overcrowded city of Mong Kok! All you have to do is try it out yourself and you’ll know why. Here are a few things that may tickle your curiosity for the city of Mongkok.

Places for your taste buds

First of all, let’s satisfy your curiosity for food in Mongkok. You might just have to squeeze in through the crowds and make your way to Sour and Spicy Noodles. This restaurant serves up some of the most delectable Chinese noodles in the city.

Clothing and sneakers

Shopping | Image Credit - Aidenaseakongkai, HK Mongkok 旺角中心 Argyle Centre night mall shops, CC BY-SA 3.0 Via Wikimedia Commons

Shopping | Image Credit – Aidenaseakongkai, HK Mongkok 旺角中心 Argyle Centre night mall shops, CC BY-SA 3.0 Via Wikimedia Commons

Once you are all filled up, you have the energy to head over to Trendy Zone! This is the ideal place to find your perfect fit for the best price, be it ladies or gents. Also, pick from a wide range of colourful sneakers that are attractively displayed here.

A place for the tech savvy

If you are the kind who loves everything digital and techy, the place to be is Sim City. This is the ultimate tech paradise where you will find one of the largest arrays if headsets and even second-hand cameras.

Tea time

Rather than your normal high tea at one of the Mongkok hotels such as the leading Dorsett Mongkok, why not try it elsewhere? Head over to Teawood Taiwanese Café & Restaurant and try out toast with ice cream with a steaming cup of tea or coffee!

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Night Life in Mongkok: An After Hours Experience Like No Other!

Mongkok found on the Kowloon Peninsula of Hong Kong, one of the two special administrative districts of the People’s Republic of China, is well known for its shopping, restaurants and entertainment. The area is packed with shops and markets selling women’s clothing and accessories, electronics, books and a number of other goods. The area’s nocturnal activities also include a number of night markets which are usually packed with people and sell a variety of different goods. With the roads closed during the night, vehicular traffic is minimal and allows for a different yet enjoyable shopping experience.

The atmosphere after hours in Mongkok is sublime as the streets are taken over by bustling night markets and people make their way to the nearest pub, club or bar to relieve the stress of the day. Cave Pub located on Yim Po Fong Street is one such bar that captures the essence of night life in the area while the Portal – Work and Play caters to a crowd seeking a different atmosphere. The bar is stylish in design and serves gastronomic seafood and delicious fruit margaritas and is complete with a live band that plays till the early hours of the morning.

Other pubs in the area include Challenge Bar on Field Road and Long Ocean. Further a number of establishments in Mongkok cater to the needs of karaoke lovers. If you’re in the mood for merriment and song, make your way to Hoi Sing Karaoke, Italy Karaoke Nightclub of Bright Way Tower Road, New Goldstar Karaoke or even Times Karaoke on Portland Street.

For those who wish to experience the night life of the area in all its glory, opt for ahotel in Kowloon that provides you with convenient access to the night attractions of Mongkok. Mongkok hotels are diverse in nature while some retain their rustic heritage and others dominate the Hong Kong skyline. Opting to stay at a boutique hotel such as Cosmo hotel Mongkok will allow you to be located at the very heart of the peninsula. The hotel’s location affords guests with the luxury of accessing the more popular street markets, malls as well as thriving nightlife of the area. The discerning traveller can opt to reside in one of their 265 rooms or, if they wish for added luxury and pampering, in one of their 20 suites, all designed to ensure that their guests have the most comfortable and luxurious experience possible.