Safest Middle Eastern Destinations to Try – 4 Stunning Must Visit Locations!

While the Middle East might have a negative rap when it comes to safety issues, there are some absolutely beautiful and safe destinations that one can visit. Read on to find out more.



Qatar is an extremely safe and easy place to travel especially for solo travellers. The dynamic capital is home to great restaurants, beautiful accommodation choices by major hotel chains including the likes of Minor Hotels, interesting museums and malls that offer the ultimate lifestyle experience.

United Arab Emirates

With gleaming cosmopolitan cities such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the UAE receives a huge number of tourists every year reaching up to almost 15 million. Boasting a seamless blend of luxuriousness, ethnic tradition, local culture, great food and a booming international scene, the UAE is the safest pick for tourists.


Located on the very edge of the Arabian Peninsula, Oman is a hidden gem that has much to offer global travellers in terms of nature and warm hospitality. It’s a safe destination with a low crime rate and a stunning coastline.


Highly stable with no political issues, Jordan is a great place to discover the very heart of the Middle East. With picturesque desserts, bustling marketplaces selling interesting items and mouth-watering dishes, Jordan has something for everyone.

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