Master of the Nets Garden – an insight into the splendor of nature

Designed during the Song Dynasty, this magnificent garden depicts the combination of the culture, architecture and nature, this garden is recognized as one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. This beautiful residential garden is the smallest of the Suzhou gardens yet it is very impressive how it transform you to a harmonious and tranquil state. While in China you can plan your stay in one of the Suzhou apartments that provides you with an ultimate living experience of the city life. Citadines Xinghai Suzhou is one such apartment complex that is in the close vicinity of the gardens.

A common sight in Suzhou gardens, the large pond contains a pavilion and is surrounded by pathways and variety of buildings, and as you walk about in the gardens you notice that it’s divided into three main parts namely, the residential section, main central garden and an inner garden. The buildings are built in such way that you could access the main garden through any room and while taking a walk you are bound to witness the spectacular views of the flowers and plants framing them from a distance. Though small in size the garden is presumed to be the well-preserved one in the area giving you an insight into the culture and how the early dwellers spent their time.

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