Identifying Coral Types – Learning on a Dive

When you begin to look at reef as individual corals, the diving experience becomes way more interesting as there is a lot to learn about the coral types.

Soft and Hard Coral

The two main types of corals are the soft and the hard coral. You can find both in most reefs, especially in the Maldives.

Staghorn Coral

Originating in the Caribbean, this coral grows upward towards the sunlight. Not very strong, these corals can fall apart for a slight kick, thus, be careful when you swim around them.

Elkhorn Coral

Another Caribbean coral, this is an active species that has huge colonies; sometimes bigger than a human being. Elkhorn is also considered a reef-building coral as they become rock after they die.

Lettuce Coral

If you are diving at a site close to your Maldives Island resort the likes of Naladhu Private Island Maldives, this is a coral you will most likely see often. The actual name for the coral is Agarcia but is known as lettuce coral since it resembles the vegetable in looks. You can find this coral growing in many parts of the reef, whether it is within a cave or the shallowest part of the reef.

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Surfing in the Maldives – The Ultimate Surf Paradise!

The Maldives being a well-known tourist destination is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and turquoise blue waters. Located near the equator the Maldives tropical conditions make the perfect waves to entertain surfers of every kind.

Why the Maldives

The archipelago has a wide array of left and right surf breaks that offers a perfect setting for surfing. The waves of the Maldives seas are not very intense and are ideal for surfers of intermediate level to polish their skills. As you are staying in a vacation destination, you can ease in and relax at a water bungalow in Maldives in a resort like Anantara Veli Maldives Resort for example, while you are not surfing.

The Atolls

The Archipelago of Maldives is divided into 3 atolls they are namely the Northern, Central and Southern Atolls, each of which produces different kinds of waves. Therefore, it is recommended that you do some research and select your atoll of choice when planning your surf vacation.

When to visit

You can enjoy the biggest swells and the perfect climate from April to October. This is the time of the northwest monsoon season in the Maldives, which brings in light and gentle winds and boast clear blue skies. This is also the best time to engage in other entertainment activities such as snorkelling and fishing.

Things to remember

During surf season almost all the resorts surrounding popular surf destination will be full so it is recommended that you book your accommodation at least a month before your arrival. You can find the necessary surf gear from your resort or from one of the surf shops that are scattered across the islands. Remember you also have an option of bringing your own gear, which can save you money and time. Even though the Maldivian sea is completely safe for surfing, stay vigilant all the time and remember that safety should be your first priority.

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Flying in a Seaplane to the Maldives – A Unique Flying Experience!

Get on board for a unique and enthralling flying experience on your vacation to the Maldives! Immerse yourself in spectacular bird’s eye view of the pristine blue waters and white sand beach islands of the archipelago of Maldives on your way to your resort.

File:Maldives Air Taxi 0574.jpg

H. Bernwald, Maldives Air Taxi 0574, marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons


The Maldives, being an archipelago of islands is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. The country is comprised of a collection of islands and various transportation methods are used to travel from one island to the other. Among them, transportation by seaplanes is the most convenient and quickest way to travel from one place to the other in the Maldives.


As mentioned earlier this is one of the fastest modes to travel between the Maldives resorts and other inhabited islands. Apart from this, seaplane transfer offers you a chance to indulge in spectacular aerial views of Maldivian atolls and islands. Unlike other flight travels, the landing and taking off process is smooth and you will not even feel the stress while you touch down the water.


The major disadvantage of seaplane travel in the Maldives is you cannot carry more luggages. Unlike other commercial aeroplanes, seaplanes are much smaller and the room you get is very confined this restricts the amount of luggage you are allowed to carry during your travel and the other disadvantage is they cost far more than any other transportation methods in the Maldives.

Booking a seaplane transfer

Most resorts in the Maldives like the Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas offer seaplane transfers and the fare charges are included in your final invoice but if your resort does not provide this facility, you can book seaplane transfers online or by contacting the company directly.

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