Living on the Edge Experience in Macau – Breath-taking Heights and a Dizzying Adventure!

If you want to experience something different from the usual tourist related activities in Macau, then making your way to the Macau Tower would prove to be quite exciting!


Bungee Jumping

An adrenaline junky at heart? Then bungee jumping off the Macau Tower is going to give you an unforgettable high. Jumpers get to leap off from a platform 223m high and experience the ultimate free fall before slowing down to 30m above ground and rebounding back up.

Sky Walk

If you ‘re not too keen on jumping off one of the tallest building in Macau, then why not try taking a skywalk. Take a stroll around the outer perimeter of the tower, located 746 feet above ground and enjoy some stunning views while being tethered to safety harnesses and cables.

The Company

The activities are offered by a company called AJ Hackett which has been in operation since 2002. The friendly team of professionals will do everything to ensure that you have the experience of a lifetime.

How Much Does it Cost

While it can be expensive there are several packages offered to visitors to suit their budgets and will include photos and souvenirs etc. If you are flying in specially for the experience, then the tower can be easily accessed by many a Macau hotel in the close vicinity such as Hotel Okura Macau.

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