Amazing Health Benefits of Yoga – Rejuvenate Your Body, Mind and Soul!

Engaging in a session of Yoga can have many psychological and physical health benefits! Read on to find out about a few of them which will have you wanting to start pronto!

Increased Agility, Flexibility, and Strength

Yoga is a great way to increase agility, flexibility, and strength all at once. Regular sessions help repair or overcome injuries and make sure connective tissues and ligaments are pliable and strong as your muscles.

Naturally, Reduce Chronic Pain

Yoga is a very effective way to relieve chronic pain, especially with ailments such as arthritis, migraine headaches, and fibromyalgia. Thailand is home to many reputable yoga centres which one can join to learn the art of yoga. Alternatively, you can choose luxury hotels in Chiang Mai including the likes of Anantara Chiang Mai Resort for both a holiday and a yoga learning experience.

Enhance Cognitive Functioning and Memory

Once you start practising yoga daily you will notice a marked increase in memory capacity and high levels of concentration which are attributed to meditation, the goal of yoga. It also can greatly benefit you at your job or school work.

Maintain an Ideal Weight

While it may not burn calories like a high-intensity interval work out, yoga normalizes body weight by restoring the hormonal balance in the body. It does so by reducing cortisol levels as well as the constant fight or flight response of our nervous system which leads many people to overeat.

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