Getting around London on a Cycle – What Better Way to Wander these Busy Streets?

If you are in London on holiday and wish to explore the city first hand, and maybe want to work off those extra calories you’ve gained while tasting delicious food, cycling is the obvious answer! Wandering about the city on a bike is a unique way to experience the city of London.

Leisure cycling

This is quite a new concept that has been implemented in London. With the support of London Cycling Campaign, a scenic route for tourists to enjoy the city by bike has been introduced. See London in your own time at your own pace!

Quick tips

If you are up for a cycling excursion across the city of London, it is important that you remember to wear a helmet at all times. Also, wear reflective bright coloured clothing so that those in vehicles will be able to see you clearly. Also, check online for cycling guides and special routes to take.

Hiring your bike

If you are lodged at one of the hotels near Kensington Palace such as the popular Berjaya Eden Park London Hotel inquire with the hotel about bikes for hire in the area. You will need to pay a basic deposit of £100 to £200, credit cards are accepted too.

London pedicabs

These are 3 wheeled bikes that can hold about 2-3 people at once. They are mostly seen around Soho and West End in Central London. Eco Chariots and Bugbugs are said to be the go-to places for hiring pedicabs.

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The Tower of London and Tower Bridge – Two Icons of London

London is easily one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Known for its rich history, iconic attractions, vibrant culture, and stunning landmarks, London offers its visitors many things to do, see, and experience. Of the many landmarks of London, there are two that are unmistakably known throughout the world as being from London – the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.

The Tower of London

Although it is referred to as a tower, the Tower of London is actually a castle and a fortress built in 1078, expanded through the 11th and 12th Centuries. Located along the north bank of the River Thames, and easily accessible from a London boutique hotel such as COMO The Halkin, London, the Tower of London has many amazing highlights and features. It is most famous for housing the revered Crown Jewels in the hallowed Jewel House. While the medieval prisons and torture instruments, the Yeoman Wardens, the Royal Menagerie, the seven Ravens of the Tower, and the fortress itself are also worth checking out, as they represent symbols of London’s rich heritage. Thus, taking a tour of the Tower of London is sure to be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have in London.

The Tower Bridge

Of the many bridges that span the breadth of the River Thames, none are as widely known throughout the world as the Tower Bridge. Built in 1894 to ease the traffic congestion that came about with the expansion of London in the 19th Century, the Tower of London was an architectural and technological masterpiece at the time of its construction, and is still considered to be a shining example of 19th Century engineering. The Tower Bridge is known for its amazing ability to open up in the middle of the roadway to let ships and boats pass under the bridge. Tours of the Tower Bridge are common and promise to be very insightful.

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Queens Ice & Bowl – Family Fun in London

So you have reached this point in your family holiday to London; you have seen all the sights, visited all the “must see” attractions and soaked up the charm of the multicultural melting pot that is the British capital. But the kids want to do more “fun” stuff. Sometimes museums, galleries and old castles just do not cut it with the young ones who also want something different. Come to think of it, this applies to grownups too! So if you are in London looking for a fun place to take the kids, then consider some fun on the ice!

The Queens Ice & Bowl in Bayswater offers exactly what it promises, ice skating and bowling. It is open the whole year through so no matter when you visit you can stop by. An ideal option would be to stay at hotels Bayswater London has to offer near this site such as Berjaya Eden Park London Hotel which is an option worth considering.

Once accommodation is sorted, it is time to hit the ice! The rink which is relatively large not only offers the perfect surface to twirl & swirl and slip & slide but also has some great additional features as well such as lighting effects that lend something ‘extra’ to the skating experience. Even if you have never skated on ice before, have no fear cause this a great place to learn. Skating lessons are available, and there is nothing like that first time experience of realising that you are gliding on ice on two thin blades.

If ice skating is not your thing or you want to try something else, there is always the ten-pin bowling alley where you can bowl strikes, splits and gutter-balls to your heart’s content. There are a dozen lanes here and it makes for a fun activity for all even if you have not tried it before; spice things up a bit by having a parent vs kids bowling game which is sure to get competitive!

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