Explore the Best of Tangalle with a Scooter – The Second Galle

Being the lesser visited town in comparison to Galle, Tangalle has some great things for you to do when on a visit to Sri Lanka.


Being a beach town that isn’t too far from Galle, a day trip to Tangalle can be on your list of things to do in Galle. Sri Lanka is known for its sandy beaches and quaint fishing towns, and Tangalle is no different. The Tsunami in 2004 was a setback for the town, but it is now well on its way back to being a major tourist attraction on the Southern Coast.


Where to stay

From resorts like Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort to guesthouses and tiny hotels, Tangalle has them all. Every location in Tangalle is a perfect place to stay at, as the tourists here usually hire their own scooter and go about town.


What to do

Now that you have settled in your hotel and got yourself a temporary scooter, the next item on your list should be to go on a ride. Explore the many bays and beaches of Tangalle, while you navigate the clean streets of the town and make a stop at Goyambokka and Hummanya Blow Hole.


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