Life in Makati City – The Iconic Makati City of Metro Manilla

The Philippines is an incredibly dynamic country and at the heart of her metropolitan splendour is the city of Makati, Philippines most dynamic city. The city plays host to a diverse demographic with many cultures being present in the city. It is also the financial capital of the country, with many reputable establishments. Given the constant traffic of international visitors, there’s many a Manila hotel in Makati to be found, such as the Berjaya Makati Hotel.

Since the city is a commercial hub, shopping is something you can have the most fun doing in Makati city. This city boasts the largest congregation of international businesses in the country. Stores and shopping centres are plentiful and can be found in renowned buildings such as the Rockwell Center, Glorietta Mall and Greenbelt.

Makati is also a major cultural hub in the Philippines, due to the commercial and metropolitan nature of Makati, the city compels a wide variety of immigrants and therefore has a very large international population. This is truly reflected in the immense variety of cuisine to be found in Makati. The number of pizza-places alone in Makati city is daunting, featuring a variety of establishments and smaller chains in addition to the big-brands the world of pizza is known for. You will also find restaurants serving cuisine from all the corners of the world.

Sports and fine-arts are also fairly popular in Makati city. The city contains a renowned golf-course and has a very strong Polo Club. The Makati Coliseum regularly showcases many massive sporting events. Concerning the arts, the Ayala Museum houses an extensive collection of art as well as an exhibit showcasing more than a thousand golden artefacts from pre-Hispanic times.

One might never know what you might find in this incredibly dynamic city, so take a trip to Makati city if you’d like to visit a mysterious metropolis like no other.

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