Jim Thompson House – Viewing Asian Art in Bangkok

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A beautiful and luxurious production, Thai Silk although popular within the country, was made popular as an export product by American war veteran Jim Thompson was an American architect, who moved to Thailand following World War II.

Fascinated by the weavers in Bangkrua, Thompson established himself on a large plot of land on the banks of the Klong and proceeded to embark on his greatest Architectural journey of his lifetime. Sourcing six beautiful one of a kind houses built according to Thai traditions and culture, mostly from historic Ayutthaya but also from Bangkuar – from which the largest house was found – , Thompson put together his own unique housing complex.

The house is constructed in keeping with all Thai customs, with the structure being raised a storey above ground level, the uniquely fired roof tiles, a red preservative paint on the outside and he moved into the house at auspicious times and following rituals dictated by Thai Astrologists. His house was full of his collections of artefacts and other interesting pieces from Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and other surrounding regions.

Thompson dedicated his time to improving and developing the Thai Silk industry and its recognition across the world. Unfortunately Jim Thompson went missing on one of his trips to the hillsides of Malaysia and was never heard of again. His son to whom the property devolved later created a Foundation which administers the estate todate, giving tours of the unique house and all it holds together with the Silk Museum which has been created in the premises.

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