Jakarta City Attractions – A World of Wonder

Jakarta is a bustling city with much to offer to the discerning traveller starting from a glimpse of a unique history, beautiful sunsets, scrumptious collection of cuisine and a thrilling nightlife. If you are looking for an urban dwelling to stay in comfort while you explore this unique place on earth try a Jakarta city hotel such as the well placed Alila Jakarta.

Exploring Jakarta will be so much more fun if you visit its many museums first to catch a glimpse of its past. The National History Museum near the famed monument Monas is filled with scenes from Indonesia’s eventful past. Taman Mini Indonesia is another interesting place where you can discover the sum of Indonesian culture from its bustling activity and numerous museums.

If you are a lover of quaint antiques visit Surabaya Street, where you will find a myriad of shops that sell vintage items.

The daily fare of sustenance available for a tourist in Jakarta is varied and delicious with many cafes and restaurants offering traditional Indonesian cuisine as well as French, Italian, Lebanese, Greek and even Indian dishes. If you wish to simply sip a good cappuccino while checking your emails or writing to a friend, many of the restaurants offer free Wi-Fi and a relaxing ambiance.

The Ancol Beach in Jakarta is an ideal place to watch a beautiful sunset while sipping a cold beer or a hot chocolate.

If you’re looking for a fun day in an amusement park complete with beaches, go to Dufan. The amusement park comes with over 40 thrilling rides, an oceanarium, a water adventure arena and a golf course.

The one thing you must not miss while in Jakarta is the nightlife. After sunset, the city’s skyscrapers light up and the whole city dons a glorious ambiance of fun, relaxation and merriment.

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Practical Travel Tips for Travelers Visiting Jakarta – Tips to Make Trip More Memorable

Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is one of the most popular Southeast Asian tourist destinations. Jakarta is the hub of political, cultural, and financial activity in Indonesia and, as such, is a rather exciting destination. Some of its major attractions include the Plaza Indonesia, the National Monument, the Jakarta Cathedral, Ancol Dreamland, and the Grand Indonesia Shopping Town. The city is also home to many luxury hotels and residences, such as the Ascott Kuningan Jakarta, which serve as great options of accommodation for those looking for a serviced apartment in Jakarta.

Jakarta is truly a great place to visit, but visitors can often get a bit lost in all the buzz of the city and miss out on certain experiences. But if you follow these travel tips you can be assured that you won’t be bogged down when it comes to traveling in Jakarta.

Firstly, check if you qualify for ‘visa on arrival’, because if you aren’t then you might be in for a bit of a nasty first experience of Indonesia. Secondly, familiarize yourself with some Bahasa Indonesia words and phrases which are associated with travel. Trust us, if you can say “where is”, “how much”, “I want to go to”, and “directions to”, in the local language your traveling about Jakarta is going to be much easier. Thirdly, try and get familiar with the bus routes, as buses are a cheap and fast form of transportation in Jakarta. Fourthly, find out where the nearest ATM’s and banks are. You can even get all your money exchanged at the airport itself, but if not, just figure out where the ATM’s are. Since the exchange rate for dollars to Indonesian Rupiahs is always favorable it is advisable to bring your money in dollars to Indonesia. Fifthly, stay in Central Jakarta as that is where most of the action is, but you can explore the rest of the city, and sixthly, if you are exploring the suburbs, hire a tuk-tuk because Jakarta isn’t very pedestrian-friendly.

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Artistic heritage trail – Jakarta

Tracing the history of an untold tale

Jakarta is not only the capital of Indonesia, but it is also the perfect illustration of the blend of cultures present in the country, that of Javanese, Malay, Chinese, Indian, Arabian and European. The city of Jakarta can be clearly separated from the old town and the new town, new town bearing the burden of keeping up with the fast-paced modern world, while the old town, Kota Tua, provides a glimpse into the historical beauty of Jakarta. The hotel industry has made ample use of this untold history of the city, in that many are a part of the “artistic heritage trail”, a tour that seeks to explore the old town of Jakarta.

The trail goes through three important museums in the city: Jakarta History Museum known for its collection of Betwai style furniture and housing over 20,000 artefacts; Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics, the place to go if you seek to witness authentic Indonesian handicrafts, handicrafts and hand painted ceramic ware; and Wayang Museum, a unique stop that showcases the history and importance of Indonesia’s shadow puppet theatre. One can opt to enjoy the trail in a large bus with a number of other tourists, or take the most famous way of cycling the trail on one of Jakarta’s famous colourful bicycles. You will pass traditional villages, folks putting up traditional dances and be able to catch a glimpse of true Indonesian culture.

You will end the tour at the gorgeous Café Batavia, a colonial-style structure that will definitely end the tour on a high note. If you wish to get an idea of what the trail entails, you can check out the hashtag #AlilaJakarta, a venture by hotel Alila Jakarta to portray the beauty of the city. Whether you be an old soul or a modern being, this trail through the old city ofJakarta will definitely leave you with food for thought and plenty of picture perfect moments.

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