Getting around London on a Cycle – What Better Way to Wander these Busy Streets?

If you are in London on holiday and wish to explore the city first hand, and maybe want to work off those extra calories you’ve gained while tasting delicious food, cycling is the obvious answer! Wandering about the city on a bike is a unique way to experience the city of London.

Leisure cycling

This is quite a new concept that has been implemented in London. With the support of London Cycling Campaign, a scenic route for tourists to enjoy the city by bike has been introduced. See London in your own time at your own pace!

Quick tips

If you are up for a cycling excursion across the city of London, it is important that you remember to wear a helmet at all times. Also, wear reflective bright coloured clothing so that those in vehicles will be able to see you clearly. Also, check online for cycling guides and special routes to take.

Hiring your bike

If you are lodged at one of the hotels near Kensington Palace such as the popular Berjaya Eden Park London Hotel inquire with the hotel about bikes for hire in the area. You will need to pay a basic deposit of £100 to £200, credit cards are accepted too.

London pedicabs

These are 3 wheeled bikes that can hold about 2-3 people at once. They are mostly seen around Soho and West End in Central London. Eco Chariots and Bugbugs are said to be the go-to places for hiring pedicabs.

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