Sandy Beaches in Qatar – Summertime beach ventures

Qatar is a country known for several different reasons, such as its cuisine, attractions and for being a financial hub. Whilst all this is true, Qatar is also home to beautiful beaches. When you visit this country, take some time off to drop by at a few of these beaches and enjoy the gorgeous scenery around.


Fuwairit Beach

If you appreciate your privacy and alone time, Fuwairit beach is the place to go. A great place to relax, go for a swim and get a tan, this beach is usually always less crowded. You can always travel down to this beach as it isn’t too far from several of the best hotels in Doha, Qatar.


Al Khor family beach

As the name itself suggests, this beach is rather family oriented. Plenty of equipment around for kids, you can visit this beach for family time. Plenty of facilities are provided for the visitors of this beach, such as bathrooms and showers readily available to those who may need it.


Al Dhakira Beach

This beach is a great site to go kayaking and fishing with your friends and family. You can even pack your own BBQ grill and meat as cooking your own meal is allowed on this beach. Al Dhakira is also home to the largest mangrove preserve in Qatar.


Umm Bab

Known as ‘Palm Tree Beach’, this beach is located in Al Rayyan. Roughly 1 hour and 15 minutes from Souq Waqif Boutique Hotel by Tivoli, this beach is home to a cluster of palm trees, making it a picturesque scenery to admire

Future of Qatar’s Tourism – A Stride Towards the Future!

Today Qatar has evolved to become one of the top travel destinations in the Middle East. A place of modern architectural marvels and innovation, Qatar has put forward their goals to develop tourism.

Economic Benefits

By developing the tourism industry in Qatar furthermore, the commerce has the potential to fulfil the UAE’s developmental needs through its contribution to increasing foreign exchange earnings and creating business opportunities. While also stimulating retailing, leisure and recreational services among others.

Development of Tourism Infrastructure

The country has constantly been investing to enhance their current world-class tourism infrastructure. Now going forward globetrotters can choose from a wide range of luxury hotels in Doha, Qatar by entities such as Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas, replete with contemporary amenities and worldwide aviation connections.

Promotion of Cultural Tourism Assets

Qatar lays claim to some fantastic cultural assets such as heritage attractions, art galleries and historical sites which visitors can take in amidst a welcoming and hospitable society.

Experience Natural Tourism Assets

Upon visiting Qatar, travellers can enjoy year-round sunshine, balmy weather, stunning beaches, spectacular deserts, mangrove lagoons and more.

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A harbour trading post from a bygone era is back and better than ever – Leave the glitz and glamour behind- visit city’s traditional Souq

Cosmopolitan Doha is home to chic shopping venues and fabulous malls. It offers visitors a great shopping experience, from high-end malls to traditional Souqs and everything in-between. Rooted in history, the site is home to a Souq which is a redevelopment of an old market. Souq Waqif is the best Arabian market in Doha. The market is located just past the cornice and is adjacent to Grand Hamad Street, Al Souk Street, and Abdulla Street.

It features exquisitely restored original Qatari buildings that add to its allure. Souq Waqif can be visited during a stay at Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels. You will find the likes of hotels in Doha Qatar as well as traditional stone and wood shops line the twisting alleys to recreate the lost ambiance of Arabic markets. As you walk along these alleyways smells of exotic spices will fill your senses and seal your true experience of Arabia.

Head over to this Souq for the real coffee and shisha experience. Grab a coffee and smoke up some shisha and unwind while watching the activity and life of the market; there are enough and more coffee shops and shisha lounges along the streets. Ruffle through traditional garments and inhale the punchy scents of spices within the building.

You will come across a mecca of fabric shops; Indulge and buy embroidered cloth, pure silk, lace and much more. Once you pick up the required fabrics head over to the nearest tailor and get a flawless garment expertly stitched. You can even stroll through a long courtyard that is part of the Souq Waqif Art Centre. You will be intrigued and amazed by the talent that is on display.

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