Best places to stroll around in Colombo – Explore Sri Lanka’s vibrant capital!

The Colombo fort is one of the most significant commercial hubs in Sri Lanka. It features many interesting places to visit including several old buildings of cultural and historical importance.

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The Colombo Fort

The Colombo Fort has a rich history similar to forts in Galle and Jaffna. Once visited you could witness some of the old colonial buildings displaying their unique colonial style architecture and structure. You will see the old Parliament building which is now utilized as the Presidential Secretariat. It’s worth visiting this area to spot the contrasting elements of modern industrialization and the colonial influence in the capital city of Sri Lanka.

The Dutch Hospital

When in Colombo Fort, an essential experience is to spend some time in the amazing Dutch Hospital. Especially if you are in search of an ideal place to shop and enjoy a delectable meal. The open verandas and its unique wooden architecture give a glimpse of Dutch Colonial charm. This place is easily accessible from many hotels in Colombo the likes of The Kingsbury Hotel, from where the Dutch Hospital is 3 minutes away.

The President’s House

Located in the heart of Fort, the President’s House was built in the reign of Van Anglebeck, the last Dutch Governor in Sri Lanka (1794-1796). It is also known as King’s or Queen’s House. Set in about 4 acres of land, this residence gained much attraction due to the Gordon Gardens.

Colombo Harbour

This harbour retains its significance as the busiest port in Sri Lanka mainly due to its ideal location in the Indian Ocean. Its splendid fusion of historic structures and modern architecture make it an important sight to behold!


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Viharamahadevi Park – Fun Relaxation and Fantastic Recreation

If you are looking for a perfect place to enjoy some relaxation and recreation in Colombo, then make a beeline to Viharamahadevi Park! This expansive public park has for long been a popular hangout spot for couples, families and those just looking for a place for quiet contemplation.

Getting here

Originally known as Victoria Park, but later renamed after King Dutugemunu’s mother, this park is the largest of its kind in Colombo and can be found across from the Town Hall building. Easily accessible from most hotels in Colombo, this site is a firm favourite amongst locals and tourists alike.

Kids just want to have fun

Kids will undoubtedly love an outing at Viharamahadevi Park for they have so much to do. Apart from the wide open spaces to run about, you also get some super play areas for them. Pony rides are also quite a treat as is the chance to enjoy some yummy candy floss.

Relaxing recreation

The park which is just a short drive from Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo has undergone some wonderful landscape changes over the years and now has dedicated tracks for cycling as well. It is also well loved by those looking to work on their fitness be it with some jogging or power walks.

More than just the space

Viharamahadevi Park has more to offer than just its idyllic spaces; a mini zoo, a World War memorial, a BAC Jet Provost and an aquarium can be found here. There is even an open air stadium where you can catch drama productions and music performances too.

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