Getting around Praslin – Astonishing at every turn!

Praslin is the second largest island found in Seychelles. Visiting this is a dream shared by people from all across the world. It offers a bounty of wonder throughout all its attractions and is definitely one to add to your bucket list.

1) Secret Waterfall

A bit of a mystery, the Praslin Waterfall is not something that is often spoken about or even heard of. While this could even be a way of keeping it a secret, its beauty is something to behold. You can find it less than 500 metres from the UNESCO site Vallee De Mai.

2) Eat like a local

With plenty of Creole eateries spread all around the area, there’s no excuse to not try out these wonderful dishes. Highlights include fish curry and lamb stew. If you’re looking for a hotel in Seychelles, Praslin is home to many great options, like the Berjaya Praslin Resort for example.

3) Check out the life underwater

Go snorkelling here to discover a whole new world that lives just under the waters. Unforgettable for sure!

4) Unwind at the Anse Lazio Beach

Last but not least, relax and unwind at the Anse Lazio Beach amidst lush palm and takamaka trees along with pristine white sand.

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