St. Mary’s church Negombo – An epic religious fortress.


St Mary's Church retuschiert

St Mary’s Church retuschiert | Img. By : Rudolph.A.furtado (Own Work)   CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) via Wikimedia Commons


This a roman catholic church and one of the biggest landmarks in Negombo. This majestic structure with large columns and beige walls, is easily one of the largest cathedrals in Sri Lanka.


The church is situated in the Gampaha district, in the grand street in the Centre of Negombo town. Thus is within the easy reach of Negombo, Sri Lanka hotels such as four star properties like Hotel J and the Colombo International Airport.


Construction of this edifice began in 1874 and wasn’t completed until 1922. This is a glorious religious landmark which portrays a mix of European and Sri Lankan art and culture.


Architecture and highlights

The main hall is a majestic structure with long pillars, colourful statues and a grand sculpture of Mother Mary being made the queen of heavens as the centre piece of the structure. The stunning murals of gods, angels and Mother Mary painted on the walls are one of the highlights of the premise.


Observe light through the stained glass
There is a small building by the side of the main hall with a central statue of Christ. The structure is covered with vibrant stained glass, which produces lovely shades of sunlight inside when the light falls through the glass.





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Shopping Experience in Negombo – Everything you need in a one small town.

Colombo International airport

Colombo International airport | shankar s. , Flickr ,  (CC BY 2.0)

Besides the spellbinding beach views and palatable dishes, Negombo is also popular for shopping. Here’s a breakdown of the shopping experience offered by this little town.

Last minute clothes shopping

Negombo is only minutes away from the Bandaranaike Airport thus is the best place to get everything you need before the start of your trip to this exotic island, from beachwear to summer hats and etc. Shopping centers like Fashion Bug, LUV SL and Molly Boulevard are some the options you can choose from in Negombo.

Last minute souvenir shopping

In Negombo Sri Lanka, hotels offer gift shops with a collection of stunning jewelry and souvenirs. Ranging from leather bags, pouches, wooden elephants, seashell souvenirs and so much more, Negombo will help you find the perfect gift. Apart from hotel gift shops, LUV SL and 4 Seasons are other places with some nice stuff.

The fish market

The Negombo fish market is an impressive sight as it is right on the beach and in close proximity of most beach hotels such as Hotel J Negombo. Thus if you want to taste freshly caught exotic seafood, this is where you should go. The prices in the market are also quite reasonable and are often negotiable.

Tea shopping

Ceylon tea is known around the world for its exotic flavour and classic texture and is definitely worth taking back from your trip. Get your hands on some of Sri Lanka’s best tea at Tea Zone, O.K Negombo Craft Jeweller or Dewon Tea Shop.


Angurukaramulla Temple in Negombo – A sacred religious shrine with colourful paintings

Negombo is popularly known to be compared to Rome, with some visitors often referring to it as Little Rome. The bustling town is popular amongst tourists and in Negombo, hotel options are varied and numerous with a variety of options to choose from, from budget accommodations such as Hotel J Negombo, to those in the upper scale. Those staying in the area will find that the beaches of Negombo are quite popular, complete with golden sandy beaches which create the perfect setting for your holiday.
Around the country, there are many religious sites which attract millions of visitors from around the world. The Angurukaramulla Temple located at the heart of Negombo, Sri Lanka is a well known Buddhist temple in the city. Locals often refer to the temple as the Bhodhirajarama Viharaya and attract devotees from around the country, especially when they pass the town of Negombo.
The temple is quite famous for holding a statute of Buddha that measures to a height of 6 meters. The entrance to the temple is marked by a massive dragon head sculpture, which is believed to ward off evil spirits from the temple’s premises. The interior of the temple is covered with ancient paintings and murals which seemingly make this temple an even more popular attraction. The unique design of the temple and the statues within its premises feature boldly coloured paintings of Gods on the shrine room’s ceiling, which adds to the rich history and heritage of the site. one side of the shrine room is dedicated to paintings and stories from the Mahavansa of the kings and queens that ruled the country in the past.
At the back of the temple, visitors will find the Siddha Sooniyam Devale, a popular Hindu shrine that is dedicated to the worship of Hindu deities.

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