The colonial history of the city of Mount Lavinia and its vibrant state today as a popular tourist destination

Image by Honeplus, Mount Lavinia Beach in Sri Lanka, CC BY-SA 3.0

A city by the Sea

Looking for the best way to begin your journey in the bustling capital city of Sri Lanka? Head over to Mount Lavinia to experience a perfect blend of entertainment and tranquillity in magnificent Colombo.


Located about 10 kilometres away from the capital city of Sri Lanka, Mount Lavinia is a popular coastal city offering you plenty of things to see and do. It’s best known for its ‘Golden Mile’ of beaches, and some of the leading hotels such as Berjaya Hotel Colombo. Also, it’s one of the relaxing escapes close to the beach.

Historical roots

The origin of the name for this beautiful coastal town is woven around a wonderful story. It dates back to the 19th Century where the then Governor of Ceylon Sir Thomas Maitland had to accompany his lover by a secret tunnel since he was in love with an ordinary local dancer. Knowing this fact, the Kind had ordered the officer to leave the country and he named the manor as Mount Lavinia House. Later, the town took on its name as ‘Mount Lavinia’.

View a glorious sunset

Although the entire Colombo city is blessed with beautiful sunset views, the best sunset can be viewed from Mount Lavinia Beach. If you are staying at a hotel in Mount Lavinia, you can simply sit by the beachside and witness how the area looks like a colourful palate of varying hues.

Mount Lavina Beach

Being one of the best sea-bathing sports in Sri Lanka, Mount Lavina Beach hosts some of the amazing sunsets and its sea waves are ideal for swimmers. The coastal strip is lined with high-end restaurants and bars.
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Enjoy scenic views of the glorious Indian Ocean straight from your bed – an unforgettable holiday

An ideal way to take a break from a busy lifestyle is by spending a few days away at the beach. Such a holiday is sure to leave you more relaxed and in better mental and physical health. That is precisely why holidaymakers feel more rejuvenated than their colleagues who do not go on leave.

The Earth is blessed with five oceans: the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern and Arctic. The Indian Ocean is ranked as the third largest among the five, providing shelter to gulfs, bays and straits. Located close to the Indian Ocean is Sri Lanka, an island that resembles a teardrop in the in the Indian Ocean. Also known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, this little island is home to a diverse range of religions, cultures, traditions and nature.

Anyone travelling from Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, to the country’s southern coastal belt, is entitled to breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. If you find public transport more convenient, buses, as well as the train service, are available from Colombo through major cities such as Mount Lavinia. Hotels are also available along the way if you plan to spend a few days before travelling to the southern coast.

That will offer you many rewards. For instance, choosing a hotel in Mount Lavinia will provide you with an up close and personal view of the Indian Ocean. While enjoying the scenic view of the glorious Indian Ocean straight from the bed, you can also explore other facilities such as spa and herbal medicinal treatments. Sri Lanka has earned the reputation for its indigenous therapies such as Ayurveda treatment. Such a treatment will chase away any aches and pain that may have been plaguing you. Many hotels such as Siddhalepa ANARVA Mount Lavinia offer herbal therapies. It will be a welcome escape for your tired soul. If you are looking for a hotel in the southern coastal belt area, make an early reservation. During the tourist season, which is mostly between December and February, most hotels will already be full with bookings.

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