Water World Kelaniya – The One and Only

The Water World in Kelani is a major attraction in the vicinity, famous for its aquatic beauty and marine life.


Spreading over a picturesque land that is on the banks of the watercourse Kelani, the Water World is a wondrous place of aquatic life and makes for a fun day visit for people of all ages.

Where to stay

If you are visiting the island and staying at a hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka, do visit the place as it is just an hour away from hotels like Cinnamon Grand Colombo, for instance.

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Image Credit: Cinnamon Grand Colombo

Going in

You can expect to see rare and mystifying specimens of the kingdom, from arapaima to electric eels, lungfish, and freshwater stingrays. Being the first of its kind on the island, the Water World attracts many a visitor throughout the year and is a must visit for tourists too.

What to expect

The place is home to more than 150 tanks and ponds that hold about a million litres of water among them. The focal attraction within the Water World is its latest addition, the Tunnel Aquarium which was opened in 2013. For a memorable and educational day out with the children, this place is the best to be at.

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Visit the New Independence Arcade -Explore the Arcade on Your Next Shopping Spree in Colombo

Arcade Independence Square, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Anuradha Dullewe Wijeyeratne,168 / 7, Inner Flower Road,Colombo 7, Sri Lanka.Tel : + 94 11 257 3986, Cellular : + 94 77 761 5870, E – Mail : [email protected], Arcade Independence Square, Colombo, Sri Lanka, CC BY-SA 4.0

Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka, has witnessed massive development since the conclusion of the civil conflict in 2009. With numerous high rise buildings, major road improvements and numerous other developments, Colombo has witnessed a fast-paced evolution that has stunned those who have followed it. As part of the development of the city, the state endeavoured to preserve old buildings and monuments to affirm the historic value of such spaces. Therefore, many would see these improvements dotted across the city during a simple tour. One such public space that has been subject to preservation efforts is the Arcade Independence Square. The Arcade Independence Square is a stop on the famed Colombo City Tour, and information regarding tour times can be obtained from almost any hotel in Colombo Sri Lanka. Alternatively, tourists residing in resorts such as Berjaya Hotel Colombo can ask their hotel to arrange for a car to transport them to Arcade.

Formerly utilised by the state to house an asylum, the modern facade of this public attraction is a far cry from its modest roots. The Independence Square Arcade encompasses old buildings that used to house the Jawatta Lunatic Asylum, also known as the Cinnamon Gardens Asylum, as well as the former Western Provincial Council. These buildings were constructed by Governor Sir William Gregory in 1889. However, due to housing over five hundred patients, the Jawatte Lunatic Asylum proved to be unsustainable and a new facility was required to house the patients. Therefore, in 1917, a newer and larger facility was built in Angoda with the express purpose of transferring all the in-house patients.

Subsequently, the building that used to house the Asylum was occupied by the University College, and later housed the Public Administration Department and the Government Analyst’s Department. By the 21st century, however, the buildings were derelict and were visually in a sorry state. As part of the government’s initiative, the buildings were renovated and at present, house a shopping complex complete with a Cineplex and restaurants. It was also renamed as the Independence Square Arcade.


Caleb Falcon is a travel writer who specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers. Google+