Things to do in Colombo – Commercial Capital of Exotic Sri Lanka

Colombo undoubtedly is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Asia; shop, dine at the finest international restaurants and savour a touch of history surviving amongst modern facades.

Enjoy a Game of Golf at One of the World’s Oldest Clubs

The Royal Colombo Golf Club is just 20 minutes from the city centre; making the 129 year old club a must visit for all golfing enthusiasts. Enjoy the challenging course and laid back ambiance of the colonial relic that retains all of its old world charms.

Take a City Tour under Sunny Skies

Sunny weather prevails almost all year round and hopping aboard an open top double decker is the ideal tour. The best way to experience the charm of Colombo; these tours cover all major sights and historical landmarks.

Indulge in Loads of Shopping

Shopaholics will love browsing the malls, boutiques and arcades of Colombo. Offering a variety of opportunity from budget shopping to high street fashions the stores are well stocked with international labels as well as the best local brands. Handicraft boutiques are another allure; giving you ample opportunity to pick out handcrafted souvenirs that will most certainly be a unique attraction within your home.

Relish some Pampering at a Colombo Spa

The chic confines of Colombo’s high class spas are holistic havens for rejuvenating mind, body and soul. You can book yourself for a full day of pampering and choose from Shiatsu to Swedish massages.

Experience the Artistic Side of Colombo

Visit the National Museum of Colombo and indulge the art connoisseur in you. The place is home to ancient works of art that range amongst sculptures and sketches that date as far back as the 4th century BC.

Tuck into some Seafood Delights in Mt Lavinia

Mt Lavinia is Colombo’s most famous seaside suburb; just 20 minutes from the city centre the place has a marvellous stretch of beach that is loved by locals and visitors. Some of the best seafood restaurants border the sandy expanse dominated by the vintage colonial type Mount Lavinia Hotel. Also a fabulous venue for eating seafood to views of the surf this hotel in Colombo has a vibrant historical background.


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Nightlife in Colombo -Entertainment for everyone!

Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka is an intriguing city that has something for everyone. Over the years the once uninteresting nightlife has transformed into a place that offers plenty of unique options to suit everyone’s tastes. For the youthful partygoers who are looking for loud music, plenty of booze and clicking selfies in the trendiest outfits then Colombo certainly does cater to them.

Many a five-star level hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka has live music playing in the lobby area or other public spaces. These are usually popular among families with children as well as the mature crowds who prefer to have a cup of coffee, converse and listen to the music of popular local bands after a filling dinner.

In terms of dining, there’s an excellent choice of restaurants available in Colombo. You can try the plush restaurants at well-known hotels such as Berjaya Hotel Colombo or try the flavours of the world in different restaurants around the city. Apart from plush restaurants, you can also try out the street food, which is a popular choice among locals for dinner outings. Visitors has an endless list of street food choices any many of these dishes are uniquely Sri Lankan recipes. Kottu, hoppers, string hoppers, as well as a wide array of localized Chinese food, is available on the streets of Colombo to fill you up at very reasonable rates.

Colombo’s evolving pub culture is coupled with the country’s reputation for its hospitality. Pub hopping will give you a chance to fill your night with great memories and new friends. Sri Lankans are in general a helpful, friendly and hospitable bunch so even if you go out alone in the night you are sure to make friends. Similar to anywhere else in the world, you need to use your discretion on whether or not the people you meet are genuine.

If gambling is your thing then Colombo has a number of casinos. The clubs offer gamblers roulette, baccarat, poker, blackjack, and other games to try their luck as well as complimentary food and drinks, and sometimes music with live bands playing. You need to be 18 years and above to enter these casinos and some of them are permitted only for foreigners.

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